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After I finished the BOA Chicago Marathon I was asking myself what next. I felt such a huge sense of accomplishment and wanted to feel it all over again. On October 21st I was presented with the perfect follow up challenge, complete a 9 month online certificate program with Harvard. 


So on November 4th I officially became a Harvard business student! I can honestly say I’m loving the experience so far. I’m so grateful for the support of my family, friends and followers. It feels good to be going into 2020 with a clear vision.

Marathon Week Schedule:


Friday October 11th - 5:30pm Nike Group Dinner


Saturday October 12th - 9:30am Nike Coach Meeting

                                      11:00am Brunch

                                        1:30pm Nike Group Trip


Sunday October 13th - 7:30am Marathon Starts

                                     7:00pm Celebration Dinner



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Thank you again for your support!

I'm training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to follow my journey.

I'll also be posting more videos and photos here.

I'm training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to follow my journey.

I'll also be posting more videos and photos here.

I'm training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to follow my journey.

I'll also be posting more videos and photos here.

Inbetween training for the Chicago Marathon, a full-time job, AINIOM and family, I managed to interview a few of the cast members of Comedy Central's new show South Side. I'm so grateful to everyone that helped me with it. It truly takes a village!  Click here to subscribe. Please and always thank you! 

  • Pegasus Turbo 2
    • The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 is updated with a featherlight upper, while innovative foam brings revolutionary responsiveness to your long distance training.
    • An ultralight Nike ZoomX midsole delivers Nike Running’s greatest energy return yet.
  • Pegasus 36
    • The iconic Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 returns with more perforations and engineered mesh in the upper that strategically target breathability across high-heat areas.
    • Full-length Zoom Air unit provides a smooth, responsive ride.
    • Slimmer design reduces bulk for a comfortable, conforming fit.
    • Exposed Flywire cables in the midfoot promote a snug fit at higher speeds.


Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to follow my journey.

I'll also be posting more videos and photos here.

I'm training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to follow my journey.

I'll also be posting more videos and photos here.

Akisha Lockhart

Last week was BANANAS! 


July 18th - I had my first day of marathon training with Nike Chicago. Oh yeah, I'm running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon! Subscribe to my YouTube channel here. I'll be literally running you all through my whole training process. So Thursday morning Nike sent a car to pick me up from my apartment at 6 a.m. Yep, you read that right. They sent a car for me! No spoilers will be posted. You have to watch my video to see how it went. Look out for that by the end of the week.


After I left my workout, I went home and started uploading and editing footage from training. I got a text message at 1:07 p.m. confirming my invite only invitation to a influencer dinner at 6 p.m. I got a quick nap in and headed to The Promontory with my sister for dinner. We had such a great time and I feel truly honored that people that I look up to in Chicago continue to create a space for me. 


July 19th - I got up at 5 a.m. to drop my sister off at the airport. My whole family went to Texas for our family reunion. Needless to say I didn't make the trip. That's the thing about this lifestyle and life in general. You're not always able to participate in special events like that because of work. The thing that helps me get through it all is the fact I'm working hard for them. Lord knows all it's paying off. I'm also very blessed to have such a understanding & supportive family.


Later that day, I got another dope invitation to pick up a pair of Puma's. This was another private invite only ComplexCon related event. Click here to check out my new kicks! 


I was denied a media pass by the powers that be at ComplexCon, but I felt like God would make a way for me if it was meant for me to go. A lot of this ComplexCon experience was very similar to my experience with the BET Awards. I was also denied a media pass for that. In both cases, I knew God would work it out and He did. A lady I know ended up giving me a day pass for Saturday thanks to a friend of mine connecting us. Won't He do it! So I literally found out the night before Day 1 of ComplexCon that I was going. 


How could I forget I had 3 loads of laundry to knock out and an apartment that needed to be clean. I did all that when I got back from the Puma shoe pick up. My goal was to be in bed by 10 p.m. so I'd be well rested for Saturday. I think I finally got to sleep about midnight after I found out I was going to ComplexCon


July 20th - I had 3 events to attend, errands to run and a 9 a.m. hair appointment with Luckey to kick things off. And as you can see from the picture above Luckey got your girl's head together! As always! 


Next stop after getting my hair done was to VU Rooftop Bar for a brunch hosted by Martell Cognac. I got on a list for that because I ran into a Martell rep at the influencer brunch I told you all about. Following the brunch which was fun because I got to see a few of my FAVORITE guys! Click here to check them out! 


I could only stay at brunch for an hour and a half max because I still needed to meet the lady that was giving me my ComplexCon wristband. Thank goodness ComplexCon was within walking distance of the brunch. I also was limited on how much time I could stay there because I was meeting Chiquita at Silver Room Block Party.


Sidenote - I've been excited for a WHOLE year to go back to this block party. If you've never been you're missing out. I digress. 


I'm grateful I got to go to ComplexCon, but with my time being so limited, I wasn't able to experience everything. For instance, I would have liked to have attend a panel discussion called, The History of Sneakers in Hip Hop with Don C., Wale, Allen Iverson, and Russ Bemgtson. I also believe Saweetie performed Saturday night and I missed that. 


There were positives. I got to congratulate a few Chicago designers I know. They had really nice set ups with their exclusive Complex merch. I can only imagine how much joy they felt to be a part of the FIRST ComplexCon in Chicago! I also ran into Justin Johnson. Justin is the founder of an organization called Kicks 4 the City and is doing some incredible things not only in the Chicago but across the world. Click here for our past coverage of K4TC. Justin and his team were taking shoe donations for his organization at ComplexCon which was dope.


I jumped in an UBER went home showered and did an outfit change. I sat on the couch talked to Laretta for a few minutes to catch my breath and then I headed to Hyde Park to meet Chiquita. We had a good time but missed Nicky and Regina! They were with us last year. We wrapped up our night at the block party by grabbing a pizza and walking down lake park eating and talking. Quita even let me have the last slice. That's my G! 



Yeah there's more ... 



July 21st - Sunday, I got confirmation I could interview a few cast members from Comedy Central's new show South Side. The interview would take place Monday July 22nd. So I had to get prepared for that and I grab my sister from Midway Airport. 


Sidenote - My family called and texted me with pictures from the reunion throughout the weekend which meant a lot! 


July 22nd - We did the interview and it was one of the BEST experiences I've ever had. LaRoyce Hawkins really rolled out the red carpet for me. I will forever be grateful for the continued support he shows me and my team. I can't wait for you all to watch South Side and our interview. Click here for behind the scenes footage. 


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God is good! 


South Side Cast Members and Tito Garcia

I traveled to LA last week to cover the BET Experience/Awards. Was it productive? Very. I went to California with no official media access from BET after being sent an email saying, “due to limited spacing” they wouldn’t be able to accommodate me.  I planned on going regardless to what the response was so I wasn’t discouraged by the email. I would strongly encourage anyone in this same situation to still go, but before you get there do your research. Find out if there are any events related to the one you want to go to and RSVP for those. A lot of times there are networking events, concerts and parties leading up to the main event. Search the hashtag associated with the event on social media to find them. A good portion of these events are FREE too!


I made sure to RSVP for a few things prior to me leaving Chicago. I also posted a call to action while letting my followers know I would be in LA for the week. I normally try to avoid doing things like that for safety reasons. That post alone resulted in me receiving an email inviting me to interview Robin Thicke. The interview was set to take place the day before I was going to arrive so it never happened. I’m still grateful for a couple of reasons. One, I have people in my network that have that kind of pull. Two, the person that reached out to me thought enough of my media outlet to even offer the opportunity.


As soon as I landed Wednesday night, I headed straight to City Market Social House for an Adidas party. The party was free and fun! They even gave away shoes and shirts as party goers left. Apparel was going like hot cakes. I managed to get the last 8 after that the smallest shoe size was 11.

Thursday & Friday I went to concerts back to back nights. I got to see H.E.R., Mary J. Blige, YG and Meek Mill all at the Staples Center as a part of the BET Experience. This was an example of I didn’t pay or plan on going to these concerts, but the opportunity to go to both presented itself and I was ready to take it.


Next up, a 90’s R&B themed Roller Skating experience on Saturday, with a performance by one of my former talk show guests Tone Stith. The really cool thing about this was I literally ran into Tone the day before in front of Staples Center. I got a chance to catch up with him and grab some content for social media. I had a great time skating and even better time talking to Tone afterwards about life. I’m so happy for him and all that he’s accomplished.


Sunday, I attended a panel discussion called More in Music at the Grammy Museum. This led to another run in with one of my former talk show guests Miss Diddy. I met and interviewed her a few years ago while she was in Chicago for ironically covering another panel discussion. After the discussion ended the attendees were able to network with the panelist. I was shocked at Miss Diddy’s memory. She not only remembered who I was, but what she had on when we met. She gave me lots of words of encouragement and suggested I do something with natural hair.


Sunday night, I went to a BET Awards after party that was supposed to be hosted by Idris Elba. I purchased tickets before I came to LA  for this and was very disappointed with the party. I never saw Idris Elba. He could have showed up after I left but I doubt it. After being there for a few hours it just didn’t seem like something he’d show up to. My ticket purchase included gift bags and VIP entry. The gift bags sucked. I thought they’d have something to with Idris Elba. They definitely did not.


One of my goals coming into 2019 was to travel more for AINIOM, and I’m very happy that I can say I’ve taken two successful trips this year. Visit my Instagram account here for videos and pictures from my trip.

My Nike Training Series Recap


Every now and then something comes along that shakes things up. I couldn’t be happier that my shake up came in the form of a new workout challenge. If you follow me on social media or here you’re well aware of the fact I love to exercise! I come from a family of runners. It honestly runs in my blood, but when it comes to strength training that’s a whole other story.


The Rundown:

Nike invited a small group of Chicago media outlets to participate in a training series led by Master Trainer Emily Hutchins at On Your Mark studios on Chicago’s Westside. We met every other Monday at 8am from April 22nd -  June 17th for about an hour. In addition to sweating our butts off literally, we got to try out the newest product innovations from Nike! Following our first workout session I received an email asking me what my fitness goals were. I shared my desire to become more knowledgeable on how to properly weight train. To my surprise, our very next session was exactly what I asked for.


The Gear:

When you look good you feel good! Nike Chicago made sure we were well taken care of in the swag department. We all were sent individual packages with head to toe workout gear before we even started our first session. Below is a list of some of my favorite gear and where you can go to purchase the items. 



Free X Metcon 2

Metcon 4 XD


Sports Bras:

Nike Classic

FE/NOM Flyknit



Dri-FIT Yoga Training Top

Graphic Training Tank

Yoga Training Pullover Hoodie



Pro Tights

Sportswear Tech Fleece Joggers

Tech Pack Training Tights



Sport Backpack


The Group:

Following our second workout session Nike gifted us each with a Women’s World Cup jersey. The jersey served as a symbol of female empowerment and a way for us to show our support for the US National team ahead of the Women’s World Cup. I think it was a great way to unite our all-female group. Each woman came into this series with a different fitness background. What impressed me the most was the fact we all came together to support one another no matter how much or little that experience was. 


What's Next:

Now that the series has officially come to an end I'm looking forward to incorporating all the things I learned to my workout routine. It would also be cool to exercise with some of the ladies from the group in the future. I can honestly say I hit my goal

(pun intended) with this series. Thank you to Nike Chicago and the ladies of SSPR for this incredible journey! 

Training Session #004


Photo Credit: Nike Chicago


Check out the photo recap from my last workout! 


Follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow for videos

Training Session #003


Photo Credit: Nike Chicago


Check out the photo recap from my last workout! 


It kicked my butt and I LOVED it! 

Training Session #002


Photo Credit: Nike Chicago


Click here for a video recap of my second Nike training session. 

Training Session #001


I’m so happy to announce, I’ve been invited to participate in a media - only eight week training series with Nike Master Trainer, Emily Hutchins!

Nike Chicago is giving me the opportunity to try out their newest product innovations and learn about what they’re doing in Chicago as well as globally. 

You can check out my unbagging here!

Master Trainer Emily Hutchins aka Coach is amazing! What I like most about her is how personable she is. I’ve had the pleasure of completing a Nike running training series last year with her. She really loves what she does and it shows!

There are a few familiar media outlets that are also participating in the journey. So I’m looking forward to spending time with the ladies I know and getting to know the others.

Our first workout session consisted of a lot of explosive exercises and footwork drills.

Needless to say I woke up sore, but I can tell already I’m going to really enjoy this experience.

I got the Eye Of The Tiger! S/O to Nike Chicago for the dope picture. 


Nike presents ON AIR: The City Department


If you know me, you know I'm a huge fan of writing down goals and creating vision boards. It really works. I've been blessed to see so many of my dreams turn into reality, and I can add another one to the list thanks to Nike Chicago!


I wrote down on December 6, 2016 that I wanted to have my own Nike shoe collection, and on March 29, 2019 I was invited to participate in a shoe design workshop with Nike Chicago. Man, GOD is good! I say that because it's a step in the right direction literally.


One of my favorite books is called, Make It Happen by Kevin Liles former intern turned President of Def Jams Records. And one of the many things I highlighted in that book, was a line where he says, if you've accomplished at least 2% of your goal you've achieved it. I thought about that Friday morning, as I sat in front of my blank shoe canvas, nervous as all get out but excited about the opportunity to reach my 2%.


The picture above is me and my shoe after I finished the project. Click here to check out more pictures and a video of my soulful experience. Special thank you  to Nike Chicago for also sending me a pair of new Air Max 720s to celebrate Air Max Month. Video and pictures are also on my Instagram account of my new kicks.


For more information on Nike Presents ON AIR: The City Department visit our event page here. Thanks for supporting!



Welcome to March aka Women's History Month!


There are so many women that have been a positive force in both my career and professional life.


For this post, I’ll stick to the ladies of AINIOM Nicky and Chiquita.  


The internet business is a hard space to navigate alone and can truly be overwhelming. About a year ago, I was attacked by a woman on Instagram for a clip I posted of an interview I did with Keke Palmer in my Jeep. Click here to check out the interview. 


The attacker said I stole her interview concept, threatened me and proceeded to have her followers leave rude comments under my post. I never responded to her or her followers my followers handled it for me. There’s a saying that goes something like you never know who has your back until stuff hits the wall. I totally messed that up, but you get the point.


Well for about two days my followers and team went to war for me without me asking anyone to do so.


This goes back to what I was saying a few lines back. The internet business can be overwhelming so it’s a blessing when you know people that are in it too and can help you make sense of it all. I never asked Nicky or Chiquita to speak up for me they just did.


They took every bit of that crazy experience personal and it meant a lot to me. There have been other times that they’ve blown me away with their love and support.


So I’ll leave you all with this, don’t put energy on waiting to celebrate people because the calendar says so. Let them know the moment you feel it how much you truly love and appreciate them.  

LA LA Land


LA was just what I needed. I went for the Grammys and all the award show festivities. I didn't ultimately end up making it to the ceremony, but that didn't stop nothing! 


One of my goals for 2019 was to travel for a purpose. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with taking a vacation, but I can’t afford that right now.


You’re probably looking at my photo gallery like yeah right, but everything I did on this trip was business. The pictures are from the Grammy parties I attended, my first time climbing Runyon Canyon and my two friends that put the cherry on top of one of the best trips I've ever taken. 


More pictures and videos are up on my Instagram account @ShesGottaShow.


Have you started attacking your 2019 vision? If so, I would love to read about it. Tweet us at @TeamAINIOM!

Grateful is the best word to describe how I feel about 2018. I received so many blessings and learned a lot of lessons that will help me in the future. This year I decided to plan for 2019 a little differently from previous years.


I wrote down a few goals, but instead of making my own vision board I helped my two nephews make their own. God has given me a lot of understanding on how to make my dreams come true so now that my nephews are a little older I want to start passing on what I know to them.


I have also decided I simply need to work on my relationship with God as a means to living the life I want. I know if I put Him first everything else will fall into place. I'm really excited about the challenges 2019 will present. I feel like with the support system that I have and desire to get better I'm in for some pretty amazing experiences.


Please tweet us @TeamAINIOM and share your 2019 plans! We would love to hear from you and have a safe happy New Year!

Check out part one of my interview with DJ Timbuck2 here and visit my YouTube channel to see the rest of it.


Click here to see our coverage from Tim's 4th annual tribute December 18, 2018. We've also posted more footage on our Instagram account here


For more on Tim check out the press release below.


(Chicago, IL)  - Described in Billboard as an amazing person and talent by Kanye West and "Awesome DJ,” according to Just Blaze, “even better human being." DJ Timbuck2 was one of the most respected DJ’s to not only grace the city of Chicago but the hip-hop culture. Touching many lives through music, Timbuck2 was not your average DJ, with multiple influences of hip-hop his technique with the turntables, he always seen it as an opportunity to educate hip hop. Common recalled memorable evenings spent listening to the turntablist, concluding that he was "one of the most talented and gifted DJs ever!" Known for putting Chicago talent on the local radio, Timbuck2 was one of the biggest supporters of the Chicago music movement, working as a tour DJ for major artist including Kanye West, Common and Lupe Fiasco.

After the untimely passing of DJTimbuck2 in 2015, people from all over the country poured in their condolences and support to celebrate his life. At the request of DJ Timbuck2, the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation was founded to promote self-health awareness amongst men. On Tuesday December 18th, 2018 at House of Blues Chicago (329 N. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60654) 9pm – 2am the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation will hold its 4th annual benefit show not only honoring DJ Timbuck2 but several Chicago DJ’s Mustafa Rocks, Boi Jeanius, DJ Elz,  Jay Illa, DJ Word, Vic Lloyd will perform a tribute remembering Timbuck2’s legacy and contribution to the hip-hop culture.  

3️⃣ is one of my favorite numbers because I’m the youngest of 3️⃣ girls. I was literally born into a girl squad and wouldn’t want it any other way!


For the last four years, I’ve been a part of another 3️⃣ some team AINIOM!


Nicky, Chiquita and I had our End Of The Year Meeting December 9th and it was great! We discussed each other individually and our overall impressions on how we performed this year. We wrote down our 2019 goals and created deadlines for them. 


I even surprised them by having a special guest BeBe Jones join us to share her thoughts on our brand. BeBe is a very successful Chicago based stylist and entrepreneur with a growing following. 


Having BeBe was really the cherry on top. She had no problem giving us the sweet with the bitter. She expressed what areas she wants to see us step up in and how much she loves seeing the 3️⃣ of us supporting each other. 


Heading into 2019 I feel ready. Ready to take on my goals head on because I know God has surrounded me with 3️⃣ times the ❤️ & support needed to succeed! 

Keke Palmer smiled and walked through a group of people towards me backstage at WGCI's Music Summit Saturday evening. And y'all already know I was ready to refresh her memory on who I was! I had a picture from our Jeep interview ready on my phone to show her, but to my surprise she remembered who I was without it. 


We talked for a few minutes and thankfully Tito was around to capture it. I really appreciate that. 


A few months ago, I saw Big Sean backstage at Summer Jam and was surprised that he remembered me too. I think back to when I first created AINIOM and what I wanted the site to represent. I can honestly say it is exactly where I wanted it to be.


I’m truly grateful to have A-List celebrities and up and coming artists want to be on the site. I think back to the days I was just getting started and had no clue who to contact to get a Keke or a Big Sean. Now with the grace of GOD people are contacting me to interview these celebrities. 


I'm living proof that dreams can become reality if you’re passionate about what you do and work hard. If you missed my interviews with Keke and Big Sean click here to check them out! 

A few questions I’m asking myself, and I think you should too before the year ends.


  1. What did you accomplish this year that you can build on in 2019?
  2. What are three things you would like to accomplish in 2019 before the halfway point?
  3. How do you plan on giving back next year?
  4. Self-care has to be key. What will do to show yourself appreciation?

We would love to hear your answers. Tweet us @TeamAINIOM


Two months ago I had a conversation with Nick Gallo about co-hosting a panel discussion about our careers as entertainment reporters. The name may ring a bell. Check out our interview for Season 6 of She's Gotta Show here!


I digress, Nick was down with the idea so we got to work planning our first DIY workshop. Do It Yourself!


We felt the name was perfect! We both built our brands from the ground up and feel it's important that we share the good, bad and ugly side of what's perceived as a glamorous industry. Neither one of us was provided a blue print on how to book celebrity interviews, deal with rejection and create a business with little to no money. 


We're both far from where we ultimately want to be, but we have accomplished a lot with the grace of GOD. Below are a few topics we discussed and answered questions about. 


I appreciate Illinois Media School for hosting us and the current students and alumni that joined us. Shaneika Speaks did a excellent job moderating the discussion! This workshop wasn't open to the public. Illinois Media School only allowed their students and alumni to attend, but we do plan on doing more in the future that will be open to the public.


Tweet us @TeamAINIOM to let me know if you'd be interested in attending and what topics you would love for us to discuss.


  • Your Network Is Your Net Worth
  • Attending The Right Events
  • How To Obtain Celebrity Interviews
  • The Importance Of Wearing Multiple Hats

I know the year isn't over and that's the reason I wanted to check in on my 2018 vision. I’m happy to see the time and preparation that went into creating it last year really did pay off. Below are a few things I was able to accomplish and or experience with the grace of GOD!



"Yo Kiesh, it’s iLLa" -  DJ Jay iLLa 


Was a text I received Sunday Jan 21st that I believe has and will change my life forever. This message was the first of many I would get from DJ Jay iLLa throughout the year booking me for photography gigs. I’ve grown so much because of it. In addition to working with Jay, I was also blocked for v103 Summer Block Party and WGCI Summer Jam so far. 


She’s Gotta Show

Season 6 kicked off at the beginning of the year followed with great reviews. I stepped outside the traditional format I had been using and shot almost every episode in my Jeep. It was challenging on so many levels and exhausting at times, but I’m grateful I made it through. My guest roster was dope. AT&T even got on board and invited me to shoot a couple of interviews at their flagship store. That was definitely a highlight of the season and my year. Nike Chicago also was a huge help. They gave me a few dope pieces to rock for my promo photo shoot. Click here to subscribe and check out season 6. 



I’m so grateful that my team and I have made it this far. I have seen so much growth with Chiquita and Nicky. They both had a positive attitude about taking on new responsibilities this year. We have a lot of room for growth, but I believe the wheels that we put in motion this year will pay off in 2019. Stay tuned.



I took two great trips this year. I went to Puerto Rico and to visit my family. Traveling definitely helps get my creative wheels turning.



This year did have its share of hard days, but I’ve been able to get through those times because of the love and support of many. My family, friends and followers have held me down at my lowest and I’m forever grateful for that. I hope I was able to spread just as much love as I received.

One of the biggest keys to success is investing in yourself. My team & I don't have all the money or time that we'd like, but we try to do our best with what we have. Our most recent photo shoot is a great example of that. We decided as a team we wanted to pay homage to one of the BEST eras ever the 90s!


We each took on a task and executed it. Nicky, came up the 90s theme, found the location and booked our photographer. Chiquita, researched each of the clothing brands we wanted to rock and sent us links to where we could purchase them. And I got the Jeep cleaned. lol


As creatives, it's extremely important to have current visuals of your brand. If you're looking to collaborate and or get sponsorship that could make or break the deal. If you're not serious about your company why should anyone else be?


New pictures are necessary for media kits, updating your website or blog, and promotional items. Our photographer also shot a dope behind the scenes video recap of us. Click here to check it out. I'll also be posting more pictures on my Instagram page throughout the week. Click here to see them. Tweet me @AkishaLockhart. I would love to hear about the investments you've made in your brand!

I always assume when you reach the heights Big Sean has you probably don't remember small publications like AINIOM, but to my pleasant surprise he did. Click here to check out our interview from three years ago. 


I talked to Sean backstage at Summer Jam after his performance Thursday night, and he still is one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met. 


I wasn't able to watch all the artists perform, but I'm really happy I caught his. These are a few shots I took. You can also check the picture I took with him backstage and more highlights from the night here


Did you make it to Summer Jam? Tweet us @TeamAINIOM and let me know what you thought of the concert? What was your favorite performance? How did you think the hosts did? 

S/O to Tito Garcia for the DOPE shot! Click here to check out the pictures I took at the V103 Summer Block Party! 

So I happened to be on my own YouTube channel recently making a few updates. You know tryin' to beautify the joint. Click here to see the new layout and subscribe. I digress, so after I finished working on my channel I searched my name and this interview from 2015 popped up. I really enjoyed watching it! It's such a blessing to see how far GOD has brought me. Have you ever searched your name? I dare you! Tweet me @AkishaLockhart. I would love to read your feedback on my channel!

Photography was never in my plan. I've always loved being in pictures with my family and friends not necessarily taking them. Put me in front of the camera. I guess that's just the ham in me! GOD had other plans tho, and I'm so grateful he's teaching me how to do both professionally.


Taking pictures is helping me in so many ways. I'm learning the art of storytelling and having a great time doing it! These are a few of my favorite shots that I've taken over the years. There's always room for improvement, but I can most definitely see growth. 


Hit me up on Twitter @AkishaLockhart and let me know if you have any photography tips or tricks that I can borrow! 

Akisha's Secret Deodorant Product Review

Product Name: Secret Freshie Luxe Lavender Invisible Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant


Pros: It's small, discreet, smells good and kept me fresh on all my PR adventures.

Cons: Honestly, haven't found one yet.


I took my first trip to San Juan a week ago, and man did I have a good time! While in Puerto Rico, I went horseback riding through a rainforest, hang out in a castle, took a tour of the Bacardi Distillery, went to a cockfight, hit the streets of Old San Juan and did A LOT of walking.


As a blogger, it can be challenging trying to create content, so I'm a firm believer in letting it come to you. For example, a deodorant review wasn't on my brainstorm whiteboard prior to the trip. It came to me out of no where really, and I'm happy to share my thoughts on the,"deodorant designed specifically for your on-the-go lifstyle" according to the makers


Overall, my experience wearing Secret Freshie Luxe was positive. I stayed fresh and pretty dry the whole time I was out and about. It fit in my fanny pack without a problem which was the smallest bag I brought with me. I had no problem smelling myself throughout the day to make sure that Lavender scent was still in full effect if you know what I mean. To my delight, it was!  I haven’t had to use it since I've been back to Chicago, but I keep it on me just in case. See the pic up top of me on the train with it. 


Check out shots from my trip below! Have you tried it? If so, hit us up on Twitter or Instagram with comments or feedback. 

I Get It From My Mama

I came across this picture of my mom a few years ago and fell in love with her all over again. It's amazing how a picture can say so much and not say a word at the same time. When I look at my mom I see strength.


I was so inspired by the picture that I thought it would be cool to recreate the shot and give it to her as a gift. Just to clear up any confusion, my mom is in the first picture on the left side and I'm in the second one on the right. Nasty!


A couple of fun facts: my mom was pregnant with me and my dad was our photographer. That made the picture even more special when I found that out.


Below is a list of things I get from my mama besides her beauty ...


  • My sense of humor
  • My love for 2+ hour naps
  • My imagination
  • My nose
  • My courage to dance in public
  • My ability to multitask
  • My Gemini ways
  • My self worth
  • My fashion sense
  • My keep it movin' attitude
  • My love for GOD

Before Kim Kardashian’s coffee table photobook Selfish was ever published.


Before the style of taking your own picture became one of the most popular hashtags.


I’m convinced my dad may have been the first person to ever take a selfie after coming across a  shot of him snapping a picture of himself in the mirror. That's him in the second and third picture up top. I had no idea until about a year ago that my dad was a self-taught photographer. It’s amazing the things we learn about our parents and therefore learn about ourselves.


I’ve been on my own photography journey for a few years and it’s been such a blessing having my pops to talk shop with. My very first professional gig was WGCI’s Summer Jam. Can you imagine? I was so nervous, which isn’t saying a lot because I’m always nervous. That was honestly how it started for me. It’s kind of crazy to think, but photography has helped me to become a better storyteller. And it even got me out of a traffic ticket once. That’s a story for another day.


Photography also brought a very special person into my life by the name of Tito Garcia. He's in the last picture with me up top. Tito is a professional photographer that’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Take Jay-Z and Beyoncé for example. Everyone knows who gotit_lens is in the industry. That’s his Instagram handle by the way. It humbles me when I think just how blessed I am to have such a great mentor and friend.


So enough with all the talk right? Where these pictures at homie? I’ll be sharing my own favorite pictures starting Monday June 11th right here on She’s Gotta Show! I've grown a lot to since Summer Jam. Thank GOD! 

Photo Credit: My Family

Dear Kish,
Girl you better fix your face. In that first picture! LOL
Akisha, GOD has some incredible things in store for you lil mama, but you’re gonna need to do us both a favor and stay patient.
I would also ask that you treasure all the people GOD places in your life. Especially your family and even the people that break your heart. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles kid. You’ll need those low moments in your life so you can truly appreciate the high ones.
I’m not sure if you’d even believe me when I tell you that your dreams will come true. That talk show you want, GOD is going to give you the tools to create it. And instead of Mommie, Daddie, Kenyotta, Gina and Aunt Tash voluntarily pretending to be the hottest thing out so you can get your interview reps in. Real celebrities will be your guests one day, but you must never forget how grateful you are that your family supported you from day one.  
Below is a quick list of things that you’ll experience ...
  1. Your first love will end up having a baby with your friend (remember that whole heart break thing I mentioned earlier)
  2. You'll live in Chicago just like you wanted
  3. You’ll meet Oprah & Wendy Williams (two great stories) 
  4. You’ll loc your hair and get ANOTHER piercing (you have six total currently)
  5. You’ll be able to wear you prom dresses & other clothes from high school years later (hey now)
  6. You’ll stop being so selfish the older you get
  7. A famous guy is gonna kiss you & you’ll love it (I don’t kiss and tell * wink wink*)
  8. You & G Money will be roommates again like in Italy (my nig) 
  9. The older you get the more you’ll appreciate GOD
  10. You’ll end up closing your gap
There’s so much more, but if I told you everything it would ruin the surprise. Long story short, I love you Kish.
Holdfast and enjoy the wonder years! 

Nike React: Week 1 Recap

I have a love-love relationship with running not love-hate.

Because of running, I was blessed with some of the BEST relationships in my life. Running taught me discipline and forced me out of my comfort zone. It also exposed my weaknesses. I'm a terrible finisher. I can be lazy at times. I still don't know how to breathe properly, and I have to run with music. The most important thing, I learned after completing my first week of training is I have a lot to learn about the art of running.


This brings me to last week. Nike Chicago reached out to me with an invitation to do a five week running program. Excitement is an understatement. Nike is providing us (see second picture in my photo gal up top) with two great coaches, dope workout gear and bomb workout facilities. All the necessary essentials for any runner to became race day ready. Yep, week five we run the Shamrock Shuffle 8k


We meet as a group Wednesdays and Saturdays. Nike provided us with a workout schedule to get through the rest of the week. You can read my weekly recaps here and or follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow for clips of my workouts. So far, so good! This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.


Photo Credit: Nike Chicago

Nike React: Week 2 Recap

Last week, Nike Chicago gave my running group an exclusive first look and experience of House of GO! The multi-floor pop-up treadmill studio is inspired by the feeling of running in the Nike Epic React Flyknit. The session kicked off bright and early Friday morning. We were told to arrive to the studio in our gear and were encouraged to bring a guest. Coach Dave kicked off our workout with a pretty intense warmup. Coach Emily followed that with our run. It definitely seemed like everyone brought their A game plus ones included.


I still like running in the Nike Epic Reacts. Prior to this shoe and the Metcon 4s I’ve never liked running in Nikes. I would always experience some kind of discomfort. So far, so good!


Outside, of the actual workout experience, I’m really enjoyed getting to know the rest of the group. It’s amazing how sports can bring people from all walks of life together. I’m also trying to apply the things we’re learning as a group to the workouts I do on my own.


If you’re interested in experiencing the House of Go click here for details.


You can follow me on Instagram here to check out highlights of my training sessions.


Nike House of Go is located at 675 N Michigan Ave.


Photo Credit: Nike Chicago 

Photo Credit: Nike Chicago


Nike React: Week 3 Recap


I’ll miss this week’s training with Nike due to scheduling conflict. I will be working out on my own. Follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow for highlights. 


P.S. I love this pic one of the Nike photographers took of me at the House of GO!

Hair lookin' good! 

Photo Credit: Nike Chicago


Nike React: Week 4


This is our final week of training and I can honestly say I wish I would have been more consistent with my solo workouts.  


I feel extremely blessed to have had this opportunity.  This will be my first time running the Shamrock Shuffle, and I’m really excited about it!


Here are a few pictures from our workout Saturday at House of GO


Follow me on Instagram for footage of my final stretch @ShesGottaShow

Nike React: Week 5


The last week of training was the toughest. We ran outside both days and it was coooold! The good thing about that was it gave us a preview of what we were in for race day.



Before our outdoor run, Nike Skyped in Jesse Olsen the Product Line Manager for Nike Running from Portland. Jesse broke down both the structure and thought process behind the Nike Epic React Flyknit shoe. I really appreciate him and Nike for doing that. I definitely have a new appreciation for my kicks.


Following that, we did sprints outside. The best part about that was us jokingly complaining about the weather and asking each other what did we sign up for.  



We went for a group jog outside. That was nice because we talked about the race. Following our jog we returned back to a couple of yummy treats from Nike to celebrate all our hard work.


Sunday (Race Day):

My only goal was to finish strong, so I just went out and ran my best race without even knowing it. I set my watch as I crossed the starting line and stopped it a little after I finished it. According to my Nike + watch I ran the 8K (which is 4.97 miles) in 43 minutes and 56 seconds at a 8 minute and 18 second pace.


My official race results said I ran it in 43 minutes and 13 seconds at a 8 minute and 42 second race pace. I’m very happy with my results. The other really special thing about the race was my sister Regina ran it too! See pictures of us in the photo gallery. 


I can’t say it enough how grateful I am that Nike Chicago continues to invite me to experience these great opportunities.


Follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow to check out footage for my FAVORITE moments along the way! And to find out what I'm NEXT!

Happy Feet

Photo Credit: Nike

I’m very particular when it comes to workout shoes. My feet like what they like and if they’re not happy my workouts suffer. This past week, I did a variation of cross training workouts and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Nike’s Metcon 4s. I’ve never owed any of the previous Metcons, so I unfortunately cannot compare the 4s to their predecessor.


However, they have satisfied all my requirements in a quality shoe. They’re light weight but still very supportive. I was jumping and hopping around Friday morning in the gym with ease. S/O to Nike for adding two-layer mesh.


It may be a weird thing to notice, but I like the tongue on these bad boys. That’s definitely a deal breaker when it comes to kissing and shoes. That’s one of the major problems I have with shoes and boys I don’t like. I digress lol. I had no pain or irritation at the top of my foot post workout. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


It was almost hard for me to workout in them because I love the look of the shoe. I’ve come accustom over the years to having to sacrifice aesthetics for quality. With this shoe I get it all!


Follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow to see these babies in action via my instastories. I try to workout at least three times a week.


The shoes retail at $130.00 which I feel is reasonable for the quality you get.


The M4s were made available on Nike iD December 19 on, at select retailers in North America January 1 and retailers globally January 4.


Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @TeamAINIOM to let me know your thoughts on these kicks!

My First Sneaker Unboxing

Sneaky Report Below

Sneaky Report

Shoe Name: Air Max 97 Silver Bullet


Comfort: A

Footnote: I’m always running around Chicago either after the CTA or to my next interview. These shoes get the job done!


Color: A +


Footnote: I love the combination of metallic gray, varsity red, white and black.  I’ve been able to sport these bad boys with a few different looks. See pictures on my instagram here!


 Shoe Details: B


Footnote: I really like the wavy look! The reflective fluid lines are everything. No one should be steppin' on your toes when you're on a night out on the town. What you see is what you get. There are no other signature details that stand out to me.


Air Max 97 Silver Bullet Facts:


Price - $160.00 Click here.


Last time I checked they were sold out.


Starting off as a running shoe, it’s now a street style staple.


See my sneaker unboxing here!


I give these shoes an A +. These may just be the hottest pairs of shoes this summer!

Sneaky Report

                                Shoe Name: Nike Air Max Vapor Max


  • Comfort:  A +
  1.  They feel like socks. They're very comfortable!
  • Color: A
  1. I love the black base and sprinkles on top. That’s how I see ‘em!
  2. I feel like you can wear them with more because of the multi-colored aesthetic.
  3. They also came in white, red and lime green.
  • See photo gallery below.
  • Shoe Details:  A
  1. 3.26 is on the tongue & the heel (inside). March 26th is Air Max Day.
  2. I love the clear bottoms. They also came with white and lime green bottoms too. Dope!  
  • Can you get them:  C –
  1. You had a 24 hour window to purchase them on Nike's website, and I read they sold out in less than hour. 
  2. The price was $250.00.
  3. Air VaporMax will be back on NIKEiD mid April with additional options.
               I LOVE these shoes and I give them an A +!



  • NIKEiD customization options for the Nike Air VaporMax include:


  • COLOR THE UPPER: Choose between two options for the Flyknit upper: OG-inspired white and red, or black and multi-colored.


  • COLOR THE CUSHIONING: Customize the cutting-edge Nike Air cushioning in its standard see-through shade, or go with translucent Volt for an energetic look.


  • GET GRAPHIC: Pick from a wide selection of heritage Nike running graphics to add to the lateral side of the shoe.


  • In addition to being able to customize the shoes with added graphics and “airmojis”, the color offerings/combinations will be unique to NIKEiD only – unlike any of the in-line offerings for VaporMax and Air Max 1.


  • Click here for more information Nike.

Tweet me @AkishaLockhart your thoughts. Follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow to see how I rock them!

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