Nike React: Week 1 Recap

I have a love-love relationship with running not love-hate.

Because of running, I was blessed with some of the BEST relationships in my life. Running taught me discipline and forced me out of my comfort zone. It also exposed my weaknesses. I'm a terrible finisher. I can be lazy at times. I still don't know how to breathe properly, and I have to run with music. The most important thing, I learned after completing my first week of training is I have a lot to learn about the art of running.


This brings me to last week. Nike Chicago reached out to me with an invitation to do a five week running program. Excitement is an understatement. Nike is providing us (see second picture in my photo gal up top) with two great coaches, dope workout gear and bomb workout facilities. All the necessary essentials for any runner to became race day ready. Yep, week five we run the Shamrock Shuffle 8k


We meet as a group Wednesdays and Saturdays. Nike provided us with a workout schedule to get through the rest of the week. You can read my weekly recaps here and or follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow for clips of my workouts. So far, so good! This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.


Photo Credit: Nike Chicago

Nike React: Week 2 Recap

Last week, Nike Chicago gave my running group an exclusive first look and experience of House of GO! The multi-floor pop-up treadmill studio is inspired by the feeling of running in the Nike Epic React Flyknit. The session kicked off bright and early Friday morning. We were told to arrive to the studio in our gear and were encouraged to bring a guest. Coach Dave kicked off our workout with a pretty intense warmup. Coach Emily followed that with our run. It definitely seemed like everyone brought their A game plus ones included.


I still like running in the Nike Epic Reacts. Prior to this shoe and the Metcon 4s I’ve never liked running in Nikes. I would always experience some kind of discomfort. So far, so good!


Outside, of the actual workout experience, I’m really enjoyed getting to know the rest of the group. It’s amazing how sports can bring people from all walks of life together. I’m also trying to apply the things we’re learning as a group to the workouts I do on my own.


If you’re interested in experiencing the House of Go click here for details.


You can follow me on Instagram here to check out highlights of my training sessions.


Nike House of Go is located at 675 N Michigan Ave.


Photo Credit: Nike Chicago 

Photo Credit: Nike Chicago


Nike React: Week 3 Recap


I’ll miss this week’s training with Nike due to scheduling conflict. I will be working out on my own. Follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow for highlights. 


P.S. I love this pic one of the Nike photographers took of me at the House of GO!

Hair lookin' good! 

Photo Credit: Nike Chicago


Nike React: Week 4


This is our final week of training and I can honestly say I wish I would have been more consistent with my solo workouts.  


I feel extremely blessed to have had this opportunity.  This will be my first time running the Shamrock Shuffle, and I’m really excited about it!


Here are a few pictures from our workout Saturday at House of GO


Follow me on Instagram for footage of my final stretch @ShesGottaShow

Nike React: Week 5


The last week of training was the toughest. We ran outside both days and it was coooold! The good thing about that was it gave us a preview of what we were in for race day.



Before our outdoor run, Nike Skyped in Jesse Olsen the Product Line Manager for Nike Running from Portland. Jesse broke down both the structure and thought process behind the Nike Epic React Flyknit shoe. I really appreciate him and Nike for doing that. I definitely have a new appreciation for my kicks.


Following that, we did sprints outside. The best part about that was us jokingly complaining about the weather and asking each other what did we sign up for.  



We went for a group jog outside. That was nice because we talked about the race. Following our jog we returned back to a couple of yummy treats from Nike to celebrate all our hard work.


Sunday (Race Day):

My only goal was to finish strong, so I just went out and ran my best race without even knowing it. I set my watch as I crossed the starting line and stopped it a little after I finished it. According to my Nike + watch I ran the 8K (which is 4.97 miles) in 43 minutes and 56 seconds at a 8 minute and 18 second pace.


My official race results said I ran it in 43 minutes and 13 seconds at a 8 minute and 42 second race pace. I’m very happy with my results. The other really special thing about the race was my sister Regina ran it too! See pictures of us in the photo gallery. 


I can’t say it enough how grateful I am that Nike Chicago continues to invite me to experience these great opportunities.


Follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow to check out footage for my FAVORITE moments along the way! And to find out what I'm NEXT!

Happy Feet

Photo Credit: Nike

I’m very particular when it comes to workout shoes. My feet like what they like and if they’re not happy my workouts suffer. This past week, I did a variation of cross training workouts and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked Nike’s Metcon 4s. I’ve never owed any of the previous Metcons, so I unfortunately cannot compare the 4s to their predecessor.


However, they have satisfied all my requirements in a quality shoe. They’re light weight but still very supportive. I was jumping and hopping around Friday morning in the gym with ease. S/O to Nike for adding two-layer mesh.


It may be a weird thing to notice, but I like the tongue on these bad boys. That’s definitely a deal breaker when it comes to kissing and shoes. That’s one of the major problems I have with shoes and boys I don’t like. I digress lol. I had no pain or irritation at the top of my foot post workout. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


It was almost hard for me to workout in them because I love the look of the shoe. I’ve come accustom over the years to having to sacrifice aesthetics for quality. With this shoe I get it all!


Follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow to see these babies in action via my instastories. I try to workout at least three times a week.


The shoes retail at $130.00 which I feel is reasonable for the quality you get.


The M4s were made available on Nike iD December 19 on, at select retailers in North America January 1 and retailers globally January 4.


Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @TeamAINIOM to let me know your thoughts on these kicks!

My First Sneaker Unboxing

Sneaky Report Below

Sneaky Report

Shoe Name: Air Max 97 Silver Bullet


Comfort: A

Footnote: I’m always running around Chicago either after the CTA or to my next interview. These shoes get the job done!


Color: A +


Footnote: I love the combination of metallic gray, varsity red, white and black.  I’ve been able to sport these bad boys with a few different looks. See pictures on my instagram here!


 Shoe Details: B


Footnote: I really like the wavy look! The reflective fluid lines are everything. No one should be steppin' on your toes when you're on a night out on the town. What you see is what you get. There are no other signature details that stand out to me.


Air Max 97 Silver Bullet Facts:


Price - $160.00 Click here.


Last time I checked they were sold out.


Starting off as a running shoe, it’s now a street style staple.


See my sneaker unboxing here!


I give these shoes an A +. These may just be the hottest pairs of shoes this summer!

Sneaky Report

                                Shoe Name: Nike Air Max Vapor Max


  • Comfort:  A +
  1.  They feel like socks. They're very comfortable!
  • Color: A
  1. I love the black base and sprinkles on top. That’s how I see ‘em!
  2. I feel like you can wear them with more because of the multi-colored aesthetic.
  3. They also came in white, red and lime green.
  • See photo gallery below.
  • Shoe Details:  A
  1. 3.26 is on the tongue & the heel (inside). March 26th is Air Max Day.
  2. I love the clear bottoms. They also came with white and lime green bottoms too. Dope!  
  • Can you get them:  C –
  1. You had a 24 hour window to purchase them on Nike's website, and I read they sold out in less than hour. 
  2. The price was $250.00.
  3. Air VaporMax will be back on NIKEiD mid April with additional options.
               I LOVE these shoes and I give them an A +!



  • NIKEiD customization options for the Nike Air VaporMax include:


  • COLOR THE UPPER: Choose between two options for the Flyknit upper: OG-inspired white and red, or black and multi-colored.


  • COLOR THE CUSHIONING: Customize the cutting-edge Nike Air cushioning in its standard see-through shade, or go with translucent Volt for an energetic look.


  • GET GRAPHIC: Pick from a wide selection of heritage Nike running graphics to add to the lateral side of the shoe.


  • In addition to being able to customize the shoes with added graphics and “airmojis”, the color offerings/combinations will be unique to NIKEiD only – unlike any of the in-line offerings for VaporMax and Air Max 1.


  • Click here for more information Nike.

Tweet me @AkishaLockhart your thoughts. Follow me on Instagram @ShesGottaShow to see how I rock them!

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