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Is Natural Dead?

One cannot even look at the explorer page on Instagram without seeing a women with a fake body in the first 9 photos. And I am sick and tired of it, more than that I am disgusted that we as a society has made this the norm. The norm so much that literally all the women with fake bodies and faces look alike. It is as if, all the plastic surgeons have the same face and body mold and pumps these new barbie dolls out like a factory.   


Soon enough our little girls will think that those genetically modified bodies are real and then die trying to achieve whats not real. Even adult women know that what they see on social media is not real and still die or steal (yes, care credit) to achieve the "Kadashian body". 


Of course, one would think I a size 14 curvaceous woman would be happy that I am respresented more in society, but I am not especially because its repercussions will be grave. From women getting botched or non professional services causing lifetime deformities or death. To the fact that society needs to see women this way, is subconsciously making women feel like they are not sexy unless their body is shaped a certain way. And we know that is simply not true. 


To be honest, yes I wear make-up, weaves, dye my hair whatever color I fell and wear a spanx but those are temporary alterations. I can't get serious ill from thoen alterations. And yes I do believe in plastic surgery, a little nip here and tuck there but as long as you still look like you and not a exaggerated version of yourself. 


When will enough be enough? Society seems to not let women be as they were born. First it was size -2 models advertised everywhere, now its these gigantic breast and butts everytime I open any social media page. These things have me asking myself and you, is being natural dead? 

Join Honey

I do not shop for myself or my clients without some type of coupon or savings code. I will even ask the cashier if they have any coupons...I have no shame in saving money. 


I was so amazed when one of my clients told me about Honey a google chrome extension used to save money while online shopping.


How it works:

After you signup (click the picture) and the program is downloaded, start shopping. Once you proceed to checkout, Honey will activate and search the internet for all possible coupon codes. Click apply and Honey will go thru the coupon list and try all codes to save you money. My client got to rent a skirt from RTR for FREE.99, it works.


Make sure you are following us here and on Wednesday I will upload a video of how it works. 


I would never.......

Rewind about 5 years and I said I would never wear a kitten heel and that I also disliked a wedge shoe. Look at me now, I purchased a pair of metallic kitten heel booties and I want to wear them with everything. I found several looks and even have a look for this week on deck. WHAAAT?! Not Chiquita? Not a kitten heel? Then my mom gave me these leopard pointy toe wedges and I like to have died, I LOVE them too! SMH! Who have I become? 


From now on I will take my own styling advice and try it first before I say no, one would be surprised what they like or what looks good on. Follow me on IG to see how I rock the leopard wedges. 


Moral of the story....never say never

Who am I Influencing?

Before social media started calling bloggers and such Influencers, I considered myself a stylist for the everyday man and woman. My motto was "Dressing should be a fun experience for all!" I wanted the everyday person who wanted to be stylish but did not know how, to learn to love getting dressed. I wanted the everyday person to understand that you do not need a lot of money, or be a certain size or shape in order to be stylish.


Last week I saw a video on Instagram talking about who are you influencing thru your social media page. Are we portraying unrealistic examples? Then yesterday one of my favorite style bloggers Vanessa Lambert  asked herself the same question. Both got me to thinking, how does Chiquita Nicole influence people thru my brand?


I do post filtered and edited pictures, on most of my pictures I am wearing makeup and I do wear a spanx. However I am honest about those things, 100% of my instastory shows my real life. How hard it is to work a 9-5 while trying to get your brand off the ground. Me with no makeup, no shaper and no edits. Me hanging with freinds and just being me. I love myself, my brain, my body EVERYTHING that makes me me and ALWAYS have & will. I have never had hair and always been thick. And guess what I STILL LOVE ME!


I want my audience to yes LOVE to get dressed, be stylish and feel great! But I hope I am influencing self love, high self esteem shit even a level of vanity. Vain simply means to hold yourself to the highest regard. And if you won't who will. I want and need my audience to understand that being stylish starts with loving your whole self flaws and all. 

#TBT to Fall 2017/2016

Just Do It!

A few months ago I was sitting at my desk and I received a text message around noon; from one thee best Stylist Ms. BeBe Jones and she asked if I could be in the River North area in a hour. I replied no, I was south of the city and there was a music event in Millennium Park and it would for sure take me at least an hour and a half or more. I told her I could head that way and be there as soon as possible, but she needed someone on set at 1pm exactly. Damn, I worries can't cry over spilled milk right? A couple more hours went by and she called again, I answered and she said "just get down here as soon as you can". Say less, I gathered my items, hopped in my car drove to the train and was there in about 70mins. Mind you I never asked what or who it was for, I knew it was going to be great. Aaaaaaaand look what happened I was an Assistant Stylist for the Nike x Bank of America Chicago Marathon Collection. 


Praise him! and remember Just Do It, you never know where it will lead you. 

If I Knew then, what I Know now

When I tell you my hair journey has been a long not so cute path, I wish I had more pictures from the early years. My earliest hair memory was sitting between my grandma's legs, face stuck to her thigh and getting french braids braided to one side, because then I could lay my head down and go to sleep. I got a perm in my pre-teens, thinking ok now I could rock all the hairstyles and my hair would be bouncing and behaving. And it did but only when I would get it professionally done. The other times it was a hot mess. And I would try everything to get my hair to do what my friends hair did; from straight bouncy wraps to wash and go's. My hair would never do what I wanted it do. Then in high school I decided I would get braids, so thru my high school and college years I rocked all braids from dookey braids (google Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice) to micro braids. After college, I was now this edcuated soon to be professional women and my hair needed to match, back to the shop every two weeks for those professional styles. 


Until one day I decided I wanted some color. I knew that you could not perm and color your hair in the same day, but I didn't know I couldn't get a perm then a week later get color. But my hair stylist definitely should have known. Needless to say, hair fell out and I had to go super short. I hated it! 


The lady who cut my hair once it started falling out, also colored it for me. She then said "I'll send you to my barber to shape and line you, and you will never go back to a perm."  10 years later I am still rocking my natural hair in various colors and styles.


I have 4c hair and I love it....NOW, had only the Andre Walker hair type system been in place when I was growing up I would have loved my hair earlier. I would have known what products to use and what styles I could wear. I mean, you live and you learn so now that I know better I hairdo better!

Fall on a Budget

This year I did not do any style lookbooks or any major shopping because I am saving to purchase a condo. But of course I had to be stylish, so what did I do?


Below are a few things that helped me stay on budget....


1) Shop your closet

After you've gotten some style inspiration from IG and Pinterest, go thru your closet and see if you can put together those looks. You'll be surprised at how you can wear pieces you already own. 


2) Thrift/Consignment?

Of course! Thrift stores change their items by season and trends as well, making it easier to shop whats in season and whats in style. Its also the best way to find higher priced pieces for less.


3) Rentals

Got a Wedding? or Gala? Rent a look!!!!! Google dress rentals in your zip code and check them out. Rent the Runway has rentals for a low as $50 for 4 days, you will look like a million dollars for a mere fraction of the price.


4) Hand me downs

These are not your older brother's corduroys ( I love corduroys btw). Hit up a friend/family members closet who wears your size and see what they want to give away. My mom gave me 15-20 items that fit seamlessly into my 2018 Summer wardrobe. Can't wait to see what I get for Fall/Winter!

Sunny California!

Dress - HM

Purse - Furla

Shoes - Puma

Tee - FAF.EP

Fanny Pack - FashionNova

Shoes - Reebok

Top - LA Fashion District

Shorts - Belmont Army Surplus

Purse - Kate Spade

Shoes - Akira



90's Vibes

In 1991 my mom, brother and I moved to the southside of Chicago and that move was one that shaped my life tremendously. 


I have so many fond memories of the 90's living in Englewood, but what I remember the most were the summers. You know that summer time CHI before it was a hashtag, neighborhoods filled with people on the porch, walking down the block or riding around in their drop top Chrysler Sebrings. 


My friends and I would put on our best biking short set, walk to store to get our daily (non nutritional) snacks and hit the block. I mean we were outside from sun up to sun down (or until the street lights came on).


Of course the music, dope as ever! I attended my 1st concert in the 90's, Crucial Conflict in Grant Park (nka Millennium Park). Do y'all remember the Whatta Man video, I had my hair like Salt's; pin curls at the top and finger waves on side. All my friends were so jealous, lol!

But by far the best thing that happned to me in the 90's was that I learned to love fashion and cultivate my own style. It was that decade that introduced me to higher quality pieces, red carpets and street style. Every Sunday after In Living Color would air, I would try to copy the fly girls outfits from items in my closets. My go to look was a bodysuit, baggy jeans and Jodeci boots with a purse to match. I learned that from my older cousin Jennifer, she was the epitome of a 90's fly girl. She was everything and I wanted to be just like her, I even told my mom I wouldn't have kids so that I could have purses to match my daily looks. Still no kids, lol! I was so into clothes and everything fashion, I started asking for specific clothing for Christmas and trips to Lerner instead of Toy-R-Us. I even asked to go school shopping at Barney's, *insert eye roll* , kids. 

Aaaaaand then here comes the red carpet, *swoons* I had never saw anything like it. I thought OMG, I LOVE IT! Style, Style, and more Style! And ever since I've been glued to the red carpet. Now that I think about it, I should have been hosting my own red carpet review. Oh well! Can't cry over spilled milk. Watch me here (shameless plug) 


Yeah, it was a pretty dope decade if I must say so myself. I guess you could say it was the beginning of Chiquita Nicole.


The Bud....cont

The Bud was everything I expected it to be, from bands to dance teams, politicians to radio personalities. I was early arriving at 9am and posted right at the corner of 45th and King Drive. I needed to make sure I had a clear view of my oldest neice's 1st performance while being in a drumline. The parade kicked off right on time and from there it was non-stop fun. The royal court rolled down first and then the bands and dance teams had the 2 mile stretch on south King drive lit. I snapped a few dope people and cheered for two hours straight. The crowd was great, consisting of all people young and old and from all areas of Chitown. As each float passed by you could hear sounds of summer...oldies to trap. IT WAS LIT! I even saw a few of Chicago's own, Deon Cole, Kendra G and even Mayoral candidate Willie Wilson. It was so summertime Chi, I had to enter a footwork battle to prove my Chi-ness. LOL!


Next year will be its 90th year and know they have something special, I can't wait!

The Bud

I was born and raised in the CHI and I have never attended The Bud Billiken Parade. Well my mom says I did as a baby, but who remembers that. As a teenager me and friends would get up, get dressed and attempt to go, but would never make it. And now as an adult with no children I've never had the urge to attend. UNTIL niece and her drum line will be performing and I am GEEKED. My outfit is ready, I have my folding chair and I will be there at 8am ready to cheer at the top of my lungs. 


The Bud Billiken Parade is said to be the parade to kick off the school year and has been for the last 89 years. The parade got its name from a fictional character said to been an angel watching over kids detailed in the Chicago Defender newspaper. The parade starts in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood on 39th and King Drive and goes south to 51st in Washington Park. And there is where more fun starts from facing paintings to bbq's Chicago gets lit for the BUD.


Read more about the parade here 

Fashion Nova (insert eye roll)

Where do I start? I understand as a curvy girl (size 14) I should appreciate us being represented in the fashion industry and I do! But, Fashion Nova really needs to step up their game. 


1.) They have no customer phone line with a live person to inquire about merchandise for sizing, returns or etc.


2.) They have no consistency in sizing; I ordered a 15 in a pair of jeans and they fit but the XL in biking shorts did not, even after their sizing chart says a 15 is a XL.


3.) Not only do you have to pay for return shipping, they don't even send you a return label.


4.) THERE ARE NO REFUNDS just a store credit and for a store that is not consistent in sizing they need to offer refunds. 




1.) They have great jeans that fit my butt.


2.) Their clothes are afforable and they always have a sale or coupon code.


3.) They have all the cute trendy pieces.


I know I know, I should deal with the negatives because the positives outweigh them, but can we just get a customer service phone line, $5 return labels and a refund. Is that too much to ask?!

I'M Ready!

Some of us creatives have not reached the point in our career were we are doing what we love full time. Some of us have full time 9-5 jobs that may hinder our careers and most times we pass on opportunities because of our commitment to our day jobs. I am here to tell you, you can make time for your career and still keep your 9-5. Number 1 rule and the only rule:


1. Use the benefits of your job, i.e. you have at least 10-15 paid time off or sick days to use per year. If you get a styling job that requires you on set at 1pm, use your time and take a half day. 


Need to fly to LA for a one in a life time opportunity, use a full vacation day or two and fly out, do the work, secure the bag and come back like aint nothing happened. 


Use your funds to add to your make up kit every two weeks, building your supply.


You may also have the choice to start later or leave earlier ask HR and then you can plan your career moves around the new schedule. Bottom line; you have opportunities both in your job and your career and if you play them right you can keep your day job (not for long lol) and build your career. 



It was definitely challenging, I was late for work some days and other days I loss out on sleep. But, I DID IT! It has made me aware of the techniques I need more practice with, as well as what techniques I'm good at. So, I am not saying I will do it everyday going forth but I will do it more often than before.


What do you guys think? DM me here 

2018 BET Awards Red Carpet Recap!

BOOOOOOO sums up my reaction to the red carpet!


It was 2 hours of up and coming artist performing and I have nothing against up and coming artist but when the host says "We have xxx and she will be covering the red carpet beauty and fashion" and then there is no beauty or fashion. TRAGIC!


Bright side...I hosted my 1st Style Corner Red Carpet Review...detais below.


Dress - Vintage Victoria's Secret (lol)

Shoes - Akira

Earrings - HM (before the scandal)

Rings - Forever 21

Makeup - Done by Moi



We See You!

I have answered yes to all those questions before and I am sure I will answer yes to those questions in the future. We all want success, we all want our hardwork to match our bank accounts but sometimes we can't see how far we have come. 


Sunday I was in the mall shopping for a client, just minding my business; when this lady asked excitedly "Are you TruVanity?", I am I answered. She said" OMG I follow your page and think you are doing a great job, congratulations on how far you've come." My face LIT UP, oh my god someone notices me outisde, are you serious? But that is what we want as creatives, we want to be recognized and we want people to talk about us. 


That was my reminder to keep pushing. Imagine if she shared my page with her friends and family and now more people know who I am and what I do. So even though it may seem like you are going nowhere fast, remember somebody is somewhere saying you are dope!

In Style I Trust

As you can tell I changed the name of my blog to In Style I Trust, which I had been using as a hashtag since forever. The blog name change came about from me changing my company (and social media) name to Chiquita Nicole. Chiquita Nicole is my real name and I was not always happy about it. Chiquita is always spoken in parallel to "being ghetto" and while I am clachet (ratchet and classy) I did not want to be seen as the "ghetto black girl". And we all know Chiquita on a resume will not get called first. So over the years I changed my corporate name to Nicole and when I started my own company I wanted something catchy, unique and not Chiquita...TruVanity. 


When I decided to make my company a legal entity I was torn between TruVanity or a version of my name. It was going to be C.Nicole or Nicole C. or whatever else my mind thought of and one day I said NO! Chiquita Nicole is my name and if I want to leave a legacy/wealth I want to be remembered as me CHIQUITA NICOLE CAREY! 


Many people from Tracey Reese to June Ambrose use their real names and since I'm working to make my name known in the fashion realm I want it to be my name. Several friends have asked "don't you want to appeal to a more successful clientele?" meaning white...and I said no I want to work with who wants to work with me. My name is only deemed "ghetto" because white society said so. And why do we (all other cultures) have to try to appeal to the majority. I want to appeal to those will come to know and respect my talent, orange, red, black or white.


So for all the Chiquita's, Akisha's and TaShawna's out there let's be us and if we are not accepted we applied to the wrong position anyway. 

Another One! 

(DJ Khaled voice LOL)

This birthday I decided to eat and do all my favorite things in my home town of Chicago. My staycation was in full effect; I started the weekend with a quick trip to gun range to practice my aim. Then I checked myself into one of Chicago's boutique hotels the Raffaello. All weekend long I ate and drank all my favorite foods, desserts and libations. On my actual birthday I woke to a delicious cake, strawberries and champagne; enjoyed a mini photo shoot followed by a thai massage and facial. After I stopped by the best accessory store in Chicago...Accessorize and got of course a emerald bag. Makeup Trap Sushi stopped by painted my face and off I went to have an amazing night on the town. I ended the staycation tatted with a pink bow to remind myself everyday is a present and should be celebrated. 

One Time For The Birthday Biiiiih!

Make sure you follow me on IG for this years birthday shenanigans 

Actually I don't know when I started celebrating my birthday in such a grand way, I can only remember always doing something very true to who I am. Whether taking a trip to a relaxing beach to being surrounded by my girlfriends at a posh restuarant to a shopping spree sponsored by bae, I make my birthday a day to remember. Depending on what I'm doing I start planning no later that April 1 (January 1 if I'm going out of town). My friends and family loathe it (LOL), because they have to hear about it every few days until its perfectly me. 


So make sure you watch my IG live everyday starting now to see what I have planned this year. 


Back Down Memory Lane.....

Make sure you follow me on IG for this years birthday shenanigans 

Closet Edit....Won & Done!

Style Corner Update

No Meat Week


Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal w/Blueberries

1 Boiled Egg

Cup of Tea


A.M. Snack 

2 Belvita Crackers

1 Pear

1 Kale & Quinoa Patty



Mushroom, Shrimp and Asapargus stir fry no rice, or

Greek Salad


P.M. Snack

1/2 Sweet Potato





Brussels Sprouts

Get The Look

New Friends?

If your mom is like mines, I'm sure you've heard "everybody ain't yo friend". Meaning of course be very selective about who you bring into your life. I currently have 5 bestfriends (seriously) with the most recent new friend being added in 2000. So yes I have not accepted any new friends in 18 years. And not because I'm not friendly, but because I was under the impression, subconsciously all be it; that my friends have to prove friendships to me. For instance, we grew up together, went to school together etc. But that's not true, you can literally meet someone today and because you haven't known them for 20 plus years does not mean that can't be your friend and be just a valuable as your current friends. It crazy my bestie of 22 years told me that, in reference to a new person I met. 


Long story short, I have been feeling very hamster on the wheel ish, going and going with nothing to show for it and I didn't know how to get off. Two people that I met in 2013 and 2015 whom I've been resistant to letting all the way in gave me the best advice. They had been watching me struggle, being frustrated and upset and have been wanting to give advice; but because I had not made them feel 100 percent included in my life they didn't know how I would take it. And what they had to say helped me get off that wheel and gain clarity. I'm SOOOO happy I let them in! They know who they are and I'm glad to call them my new friends.


Your old friends will always be there to support you and be your foundation, but new friends can help you to that next level.  

It's Raining Men

Not really, but it will soon enough. No I am not saying that I will no longer style women, of course I will that is what comes natural to me. But in a effort to challenge myself and grow, I am venturing into the male side of fashion. Wish me luck!


See below some of my most recent male style looks.

Hello Winter!

2018 Goals

Make sure you follow me on Instagram to watch me take steps and crush my goals.


1.) Monthly mini photo shoots

2.) Produce a fashion/style event

3.) Secure 5 new clients by 12/31

4.) Rework the style corner

5.) Create fashion talk show


How does the saying go "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". I am a true Taurean, stubborn and consistant and it is hard for me to change. But I realized something, I had to change in order for me to get to my next level. So I visited another stylist to help me get some clarity because I felt stuck, non-creative and uninspired and I did not know what to do. She suggested saging  and creating a vision board. Now when she said vision board I had to admit that was a great idea because I have a family member whom I admire who does a annual vision board, so I thought maybe I should give it a try. I also had a friend tell me about crystals used to give you energy. So for 2018 I will breaking my resistance to change and I will be creating a vision board, saging and meditating creative energy into my life. Stay Tuned!




I would like to say THANK YOU to all the people who supported me and allowed me to have the below opportunity. If you donated, liked, commented or shared my post I appreciate it. If you sent money thru go fund me, paypal or the cash app I appreciate it. Even if you said "Go Girl" and said a pray for me I appreciate it. I THANK YOU again for however you supported my dream!

Image Creates Opportunity 



Seems simple right? A wardrobe stylists career is based on image, but what will you do when the opportunity comes? J. Bolin #AskJBolin Fashion Boot Camp taught me how to perfect the image in order to gain & own the opportunity.


Kauwuane Burton Studios was the perfect backdrop to 30 budding stylist all dressed in nudes to learn from the best. When we arrived his staff welcomed each and every one of us with a warm smile & embraced. They even took our bags and bags of items and placed them for us. They led us to a room that had the most beautiful donut display I have ever seen complemented with a mimosa bar. As more and more people arrived the excitement grew each time a smiling face entered the room. So in true fashion I grabbed a glass, poured a mimosa and asked the entire room to toast to a wonderful and imformative day. Cheers!


J. Bolin came out greeted us with a huge smile and asked if we were ready? A resounding YEEESSS filled the room and we followed our teacher into a exposed brick studio transformed into a rustic floral oasis. The table was adorned with white roses in gold flower pots, with leafy green accents and the shimmer from white candles framed in gold wire holders made the look complete. The designer even took photos of J's work and created a table runner. Kudos! 


Then before we did anything Mo his online store manager led us in one of the best prayers I have ever heard; there was not a dry eye in the room. We gathered ourselves and J. Bolin got right to it. We each introduced ourselves and stated why we were there and what we hoped to get from our visit. He explained how he started and what sacrifices him and his family had to make in order from him to be where he is today. He gave us the do's and dont's in the style industry, tore down all our fears and explained to us that we are worthy of this journey.


The agenda for the day ranged from how to write a pull letter to working with what you have to style a client. Each participant had to bring 10 of their favorite wardrobe items and we had to pair up and style our partner with any of the 20 items. Me and my partner Dawn got the Red Carpet look and we nailed it. Of course, a few welcomed tweeks from the best was the icing on cake. We also had to makeover a celebrity and J and his staff lovingly nitpicked every detail and then showed us how to improve.


We ended the day nothing like we started, we were now given the knowledge to conquer our very own styling fears and taught how to make a business from our dreams. The best word I could use to describe the day would be beautiful....the space was beautiful, J. Bolin's team was beautiful, Mo's prayers were beautiful, the spirits of every person in the room was beautiful and the fact that GOD put it on J.Bolin to give his personal knowledge of this industry is BEAUTIFUL!




OMG....was all I could say when I opened the email from the J.Bolin brand. I am so excited to have received this opportunity and I pray I hit it out of the park. Follow me on instastories starting Friday to join me on this journey. 



Donate Here





#ISSABIRTHDAY..... in Puerto Rico


Click the picture for details

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