Kenan Thompson’s Ultimate Comedy Experience

The Laugh Factory was the hottest place to be this past Sunday night in Chicago. Thanks to PR Werks we had a front row seat!


Some of the most talented Chicago comedians hit the stage with I’m guessing one goal in mind, win!


SNL’s very own Kenan Thompson created a special comedy showcase competition called, “Kenan Thompson’s Ultimate Comedy Experience.”


With the help of Chris Redd (SNL cast mate) Mary Lindsey and Cherie Chiles – Buchanan to name a few, Thompson has taken this incredible opportunity nationwide.


The winner of the showcase will be flown to New York, given tickets to see a “Saturday Night Live” taping, hang out with Thompson and do a live show at Caroline’s on Broadway in Times Square.


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Summer Jam 2019

Snowfall Chicago Screening 

Photo Credit: Tito Garcia

I was front and center on the red carpet ready to talk to the stars of FX’s hit drama series Snowfall. I knew I wanted to pay my respect to the show’s creator John Singleton who passed away earlier this year. I was able to interview Singleton last year when he made the trip for the Season 2 screening. The common topic throughout all the interviews was the impact Singleton had on both the crew and the show.


Angela Lewis (Aunt Louie) called Singleton their fearless leader and spoke about how he is the heart of the show. Isaiah John (Leon Simmons) said Singleton is the show and before he passed he was able to watch five or six episodes and was very pleased with what they had done this season.  When it comes to advice, John added Singleton always told him never forget your people and where you came from.


Damson Idris (Franklin Saint) spoke to me about how important his legacy is to all races not just Blacks. Idris said Singleton told him Snowfall was the best show on television and he didn’t believe him until recently. Amin Joseph (Jerome Saint) said when he hears the name John Singleton he thinks of a visionary, mentor and a man that spoke truth to power. Dave Andron (Co-Creator) spoke about no matter how famous Singleton got he always paid respect to where he came from. Andron says this whole season is a tribute to Singleton.


Following the red carpet interviews, I got to watch an episode from the upcoming season and man it didn’t disappoint. We’re all in for an action packed return of Snowfall. No spoilers here. Season 3 of FX’s hit drama series “Snowfall” premieres Wednesday July 10th at 10/9c!

It's the summer of 1984, and it's season three of Snowfall. Crack cocaine is spreading like wildfire through South Central Los Angeles, continuing its path of destruction and changing the culture forever. Police are waking up to this growing epidemic, and Sergeant Andre Wright (Marcus Henderson) has set his sights on budding Kingpin and next-door neighbor Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) and his people.  While local law enforcement fights to stem the tide, Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson) and the CIA are working hard to make sure the flow of cocaine into L.A. doesn’t stop. To continue funding the war against communism in Central America, Teddy will need to find new routes into the United States using Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and what's left of the Villanueva family. As the stakes and losses continue to mount, our players truly begin to understand the destructive force they have set in motion and must reexamine their own motivations and the cost of continuing forward from here. Created by John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron, Snowfall is executive produced by Singleton, Amadio, Andron, Thomas Schlamme, Michael London and Trevor Engelson.

Agora IV The Charitable Sneakerball 

(Recap by Chiquita Carey)

Agora IV Charitable Sneakerball was an event not to be missed! From the start on the green carpet to two DJ’s spinning well into the morning the ball was dope AF! The guests started to arrive to the green carpet at 6:30pm and when I say shut it down from beginning to end… beginning to end. Dresses and suits ranged from the brightest of neons to the softest of velvets, all with the coolest sneakers I have ever seen. The guys stepped out in everything from ankle pants and blazers to coordinated 3 piece suits. Ladies with ball gowns to custom dresses stole the show; one girl even draped a gold-plated snake bracelet around her ankle to add just enough extra to her already dope kicks.

DJ Manti spun the hip hop and r&b hits, while guests sipped signature drinks from Makers Mark and snapped the coolest social media pictures using every square inch of the Museum of Science and Industry’s main plaza as their background. Even one of Chicago’s main staples The Jesse White Tumblers coordinated flips to the beats. And to think the party had not even started.

Justin Johnson, Founder of Kicks 4 the City and his entire team deserve a pat on the back. The guest list encompassed entertainers, boutique owners, influencers and entrepreneurs all there to give back to the less fortunate. Our host, LaRoyce Hawkins (Chicago PD) hopped on the mic and reminded us that we were bought together for a greater cause... charity. LaRoyce brought Justin out and once he started to speak the audience stood quietly taking in his call of being charitable; from giving slightly worn kicks to volunteering to monetary donations. Justin’s idea of taking a materialistic item adored by many especially the youth and using it to ignite philanthropy in those individuals showed in the donations and deserves an applause.

In closing, the Sneakerball was not only dope because of the style and sneakers but because it brought several people from around the world into a gathering place (Agora) for a cause greater than themselves. Can’t wait until next years ball!

For more information or to inquire on how you can help please visit K4TC here.


Here are a few things you need to know about

NikeLab Chicago Re-Creation Center c/o Virgil Abloh:


When: From May 31 to July 28, 2019, Nike and Virgil Abloh will join forces to launch the NikeLab Chicago Re-Creation Center c/o Virgil Abloh. 


What: The Re-Creation Center's mentorship program welcomes 10 Chicago-area creatives for an immersive eight-week experience with Abloh and special guests. Each will have the opportunity to advance the skills of their respective practice and engage with complementary areas of expertise. Commencement is marked by the presentation of a final project.


What Else: Visitors to the NikeLab Chicago Re-Creation Center c/o Virgil Abloh will have access to Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe initiative, a unique installation that reuses worn-out athletic shoes by turning them into Nike Grind.


Why: Nike Grind will be leveraged to build a Virgil designed basketball court for the community in Chicago in advance of NBA All-Star 2020.


For 25 years, Nike Grind has diverted waste from landfill and transformed it into a variety of outputs ranging from apparel to basketball courts and demonstrate just one example of how to consider the full lifecycle of a product.


Where: 673 N. Michigan Avenue 

The Center will offer unique access and experiences for NikePlus members to unlock. By connecting digitally with Nike on the SNKRS app, NikePlus members can experience more of the magic at The Re-Creation Center, including exclusive product drops and sign ups for workshops led by Chicago creatives handpicked by Virgil.


Store Hours:
Monday - Saturday 10AM to 7PM 
Sunday 11AM to 6PM


Tweet us @Team_AINIOM and let us know what you think about Nike & Virgil's collaboration! 

Nike Presents ON AIR :The City Department 

Akisha was given an exclusive invitation to the Department of Unimaginable, a community-based Nike-Air inspired, design curriculum hosted by Nike designers and collaborators and friends. There was only one requirement, she had to rock the brand new Nike Air Max 720s that they sent her the day before. Not a bad prerequisite. Click here to watch video of her reaction to seeing them for the first time. Below you’ll find a photo gallery from the design workshop she attended and more information about City Department and the Air Max 720 launch. 


  • The City Department workshops will be hosted in 12+ cities around the globe from March 22-April 21
  • Chicago DOU is open on the 29th from 12pm-8pm and the 30th-31st from 11am-8pm
  • The design-focused curriculum covers Industrial Design, Color Design & Materials Exploration and Illustration & Typography
  • The City Department workshops will be hosted in 12+ cities around the globe from March 22-April 21.
  • Registration Link:
  • Hashtag: #airmax #justgobigger

Air Max 720:

  • With more than three decades of innovation, Max Air technology combines cushioned comfort with undeniable street style. 
  • Nike Air Max shoes, with their signature visible air bag and iconic look, continue to dominate on the track and on the streets.
  • With the tallest-ever Air unit, the Air Max 720 sets the bar for all-day comfort and is designed specifically for casual lifestyle use

Introducing Quin Walters as "Renee" in

A Madea Family Funeral

Recap By: Chiquita Nicole

Dreams do come true and I witnessed it this past Monday at the NYC Premiere of A Madea Family Funeral. I was honored to style my best friend for her first red (in this case black) carpet movie premiere and OMG was it the best thing yet!


We arrived to NYC on Sunday and straight off the plane Quin Walters headed to press. wanted a sit down with the Chicago native to get her take on the final Madea movie and of course how it is to work with Tyler Perry. As soon as the interview was done it was time to get ready for her big day. We went thru looks from head to toe....outfit, shoe, hair, makeup and even how to pose; triple checked appointment times and styling kits. We were ready!


7am her makeup artist arrives and I start steaming clothes; Quin had an interview with the Build Series at noon. Once we arrived to the Build Series studio we could not contain our excitement. There were fans standing outside in the cold wanting pictures, autographs and even complementing her look. Once we were inside it was go go go. Check makeup, check clothes, mic'd up...let's roll; she walked on set and KILLED her interview! Once we were done there, back to the hotel to prepare for the black carpet. Killer dress and shoes...check; hair & makeup...check; confidence on a million...check check check. 


Lights, Camera, Action...Quin Walters hit the carpet and I was in awe. She glided across the carpet in front of hundreds of cameras like a hot knife thru butter. And all I heard was Quin, Quin, over here Quin, to the right Quin, to the left Quin. They were calling my G's name and I could believe it, she was living her dream at that exact moment and I was so honored to have a front row seat. 


And if that was not enough, I had not even saw the movie yet. Quin played a character named Renee who is the complete opposite of who she is but made us believe she was Renee and Renee was her. And to top the night off, her character is the catalyst for the funeral, well I'll be damned. This night could not get any better. 


My G deserved that night and all the things that came with it. Monday was only the beginning of the dream come true, so buckle up and come along for the ride. Quin Walters remember that name. 

#Timbuck2Forever 2018

Photo Recap By: Akisha Lockhart

Tobe From The Swat | Chicago Tour Stop 

Photo Recap By: Akisha Lockhart

Cardi B @ Big Jam

Photo Recap By: Akisha Lockhart

WGCI Music Summit

Photo Recap By: Akisha Lockhart

Snowfall Chicago Screening

Recap By: Akisha Lockhart

Photo Credits: Christian De'Mar & Tito Garcia

I'm gonna keep this spoiler free! 


Snowfall is back! And when I say back, I mean BAACKKK! The writers, producers and actors served up a full plate of action-packed deliciousness.This past Thursday, I was invited to Showplace ICON Theater for an advance screening of FX's hit drama Snowfall. An hour before the national broadcast, guests got to watch the first episode of season two followed by a Q&A and red carpet interviews with the cast.


Co-creator John Singleton attended with showrunner Dave Andron. Cast members Damson Idris (Franklin Saint), Carter Hudson (Teddy McDonald) and Angela Lewis (Aunt Louie) were also in attendance. Everyone listed was very nice and excited to talk about show within limits. For instance, I tried to get the tea on the next episode from Dave Andron when I interviewed him on the red carpet, but he didn't crack. I tried ya'll. 


The screening as a whole was very organized and smooth. When Catrice Armstrong and her team's name is attached to something you can expect the best! If you haven't watched Snowfall checkout the "about the show" information below. I would highly recommend giving it chance. 


Also tweet us @TeamAINIOM if you watch the show and let us know your thoughts. You can also check out a couple of fun videos that I took on Instagram from the screening here.  



Snowfall continues its riveting story about the infancy of the crack cocaine epidemic and its ultimate radical impact on the culture as we know it.
Season two follows our ensemble of characters as they intersect and overlap within the mosaic of Los Angeles as we enter 1984. All of them are working toward their ultimate goals of money, power, and influence including: Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), a young street entrepreneur beginning to experience the perils of success; Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson), a CIA operative who finds that his off-book drug-funded operation may be vulnerable from unexpected sources, both personal and professional; and Gustavo "El Oso" Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and Lucia Villanueva (Emily Rios), the drug-running couple who discover the potency of crack and try to exploit it, despite the new dangers involved.
Snowfall is created by John Singleton & Eric Amadio and Dave Andron and Executive Produced by Singleton, Andron, Thomas Schlamme, Amadio, Michael London and Trevor Engelson. Andron will serve as showrunner.

V103 Summer Block Party

Photo Credit: Akisha Lockhart

Hyde Park Brew Fest Recap

Photo Credit: Akisha Lockhart

A Collaboration of Creative Expression

By: Chiquita Carey


Our friends at AT&T did it again, showcasing Chicago's creatives from dance to spoken word. As soon as I stepped in the Michigan Ave Flagship location, I could hear a youthful voice rhyming the perils of Chicago as the audience audibly agreed. Several of the performers spoke of the qualities that make Chicago, Chicago: from the Red Line connecting neighborhoods to our beautiful lakefront. Move Me Soul a youth dance group under Haven Studios closed the show with a powerful interpretation dance and song.


And if that was not enough, Showtime's The Chi cast members Yolonda Ross (Jada Washington) and Shamon Brown (Papa) spoke with friend of AINIOM Kyle Santillian about the success of The Chi. Ross spoke on her career in acting and how never giving up earlier in her career is how we get to see her weekly. While, Brown similar to his character charmingly joked about how people scream now when they recognize him.


AT&T also donated $2K to each youth group to help them to continue their community efforts. The event wrapped with a cast member meet & greet and a The Chi pilot watch party. 


Photography by Tito Garcia @Gotit_lens

Beats, Rhymes & Life: Thru Our Eyes 

By: Nicky Horne


This weekend Team AINIOM partied at Bassline in Chicago’s South Loop and celebrated the life of  the ONLY Christopher we acknowledge, Christopher Wallace! You’re really missing out if you haven’t been to Beats, Rhymes & Life yet.


The event is hosted by two of our fave WGCI radio personalities. Kyle Santillian is the MC and the sounds are curated by Leon Rogers and Jay illa. They promised the crowd a night of Biggie classics and joints for the diehard fans, and they delivered! East coast vibes were def in the air. We rocked out to jams from Biggie to Jay Z to Freeway to Camron.


It was just so great to be surrounded by family, old friends and new friends. It was just a much needed night of togetherness after a long ass week. Make sure to flip through the photo gallery to see how much fun we had. Photography is brought to you by our very own Akisha Lockhart. We want to see you at the next one. We'll keep you posted!

Photo Credit: Tito Garcia & Akisha Lockhart





Winner of FAF.EP's  "Chicago Only" hoodie


S/O to everyone that entered. Continue to follow us for the NEXT giveaway!


Tuesday night, I stood by the stage, in the same spot (see picture below) I was in when I asked Timbuck2 if I could interview him for my upcoming internet talk show, “She’s Gotta Show.” It was right after he’d finished spinning at the House Of Blues.  I remember feeling like he really wasn’t interested in doing the interview. We took a picture, and I got his phone number. I honestly never thought the interview was going to happen. I followed up with him despite the impression he left me with, and to my surprise I had Tim all wrong. He was just as excited about the interview as I was!


Timothy Francis Jones aka DJ Timbuck2 passed away from renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) in 2015. Since his untimely passing his family, friends and fans have made it their business to ensure his legacy lives on through the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. At Tim’s request, the foundation was created to promote self-health awareness amongst men.  


Last night, on the same stage I stood next to Tim a few years earlier, hundreds of people celebrated him. Tuesday night consisted of some of the most talented DJs in and out of Chicago and a few surprise musical performances. The energy was so beautiful! Chicago is a city synonymous with hate, but Tuesday night love ruled. Click here for more information on the foundation.

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Thirteen years ago on Halloween weekend – SAW and the character of JIGSAW introduced the world to a new face of horror. For seven straight years “If it’s Halloween it must be SAW” was a holiday tradition. This October 27, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures proudly present JIGSAW! After a series of murders bearing all the markings of the Jigsaw killer, law enforcement find themselves chasing the ghost of a man dead for over a decade and embroiled in a new game that’s only just begun. Is John Kramer back from the dead to remind the world to be grateful for the gift of life? Or is this a trap set by a killer with designs of their own?

Congratulations to our three #TilDeathDoUsPart Winners!!!






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Synopis: Michael and Madison Roland had planned to spend the rest of their lives together, until one day Michael's controlling ways turned their perfect marriage. With the help of her best friend, Madison decides to get away. After adopting a new identity, she meets Alex Stone and learns to love again. All is well, until Michael discovers Madison's whereabouts, and recreates the nightmare she once lived all over again.

Explorers Sans Frontieres

Photo Credit: Regina Lockhart & Explorers Sans Frontieres

Written By: Akisha Lockhart

Beautiful, strong GOD fearing women are in my DNA, and I was reminded of that over the past week! My sister Regina and our cousin Shonta flew out of two different cities with one destination in mind Haiti. While in Haiti, they along with other volunteers in the Explorers Sans Frontieres aka ESF organization provided medicine, food, toys, and hygiene products for orphans and those in need.


Shonta D. Collins is the Founder & President of her own organization called Explorers Sans Frontieres. The grassroots organization is 99% volunteer-based and 95% of the funding is provided by private donors. The money that is raised provides disease prevention, health promotion and wellness to local and global communities. How DOPE is that!


As Black people we often times wait for someone else to step up and “save us.” Sometimes we don't have confidence in our own ability, and as a result, I believe a lot of us have forgotten we must represent the change we hope to see. These days it’s extremely hard for me to watch the news in fear of what images I may see of Blacks being killed. My heart has been filled with so much sadness, and I have to keep reminding myself of the power of prayer. I also find myself wondering if I’m doing enough. Am I contributing to the problem or the solution.


I say all that to say, my sister and cousin have given me a new sense of hope! Regina and Shonta are YOUNG, GIFTED & BLACK! They get up every day and make a difference first in their households, take that same energy to work, manage to kill it at the gym, give back to their communities and have taken their talents internationlly. Who said SUPER heros don’t exist? I would like to thank them both for representing GOD, our family, our culture and AINIOM with the highest of standards.


Please visit & share Shonta’s organization’s website here.

All Eyez On Me: Chicago Press Conference

Photo Credit: Marlon Taylor

Reporter: Akisha Lockhart

Q: How have you changed as a person since the films completion?

Demetrius Shipp Jr A: “It’s changed a lot. You know what I’m saying but most important thing for me right now is to take advantage of my opportunity you know what I’m saying and taking from Pac and what I got from him in this experience was you have to take advantage of your opportunities and work like tomorrow isn’t promised. His work ethic, everybody will tell you that has worked with Pac is really unmatched. Nobody has ever had his work ethic and if you look at just the short amount of time he was here with us and that he was really on you know what I’m saying. His first album came out in ‘91 you know five years he accomplished so much by the age of 25. That’s because his work ethic and what he was trying to do you know what I’m saying was crazy. So that’s what I took for myself.  When you’re here and you have your opportunity you got to take advantage of it and you gotta smash and get the most of it while you can.”

Kat Graham A: “I think for me having the opportunity to play someone as powerful and as strong as Jada Pinkett. You know living in that energy as a black woman in Hollywood and being able to understand the importance of integrity and focus and not compromising who you are for an industry that seems sometimes hell bent on trying to compromise the image and power of black folk. So you know I think that staying in the energy and even like just talking about the film cause the second we were done with the film I’ve been in promo since because of the album and all this other stuff so I’ve been like talking about the film and talking about Pac talking about Jada and talking about LT talking about Mitch so you know it’s the energy of how powerful this movie is. “

Q: Is there a story behind him getting the nose ring?

Demetrius Shipp Jr A:I’m just going to imagine it’s because his mom had one.”

Q: Is it real? Did you have one before?

Demetrius Shipp Jr A: “This is real right here.”

Q: Did you have it before the film?

Demetrius Shipp Jr A: “I got it pierced back in 2011 when I first auditioned. I got it repierced when I started filming.”

L.T. Hutton A: “And put it like this, him regetting his nose pierced could have been the movie in itself. (laughs) It was an episode.”

Demetrius Shipp Jr A: “I shed so many tears the second time.” (laughs)

Q: There have been some extremely good biopics recently and some not so good ones. Actors and producers have been criticized after these films have come out. Were you ever scared about doing a biopic and getting approval from family on playing these characters?

Kat Graham A: “No, because L.T. was behind it. This is somebody who’s meticulous and makes sure the stories are being told right. He’s picking the actors. He’s picking the right directors. He’s got it down so thoroughly that we have nothing to worry about. If it were someone else’s movie I probably wouldn’t have auditioned for it.”

L.T. Hutton A: “And to that point, I went through a few changes in personnel because of the integrity because exactly what you said when you asked. There could be people that wanted to go in the wrong direction and with me being what I call a protector of the culture you know it just wasn’t gonna happen. I don’t care if it was Steven Spielberg. I felt inclined to make a movie that was going to show the truest form of our culture.”

Q: How many times have you all seen the film? Have you seen it and will you see it on the 16th?

Demetrius Shipp Jr A: “We’ll see it on the 14th.  We’ve seen a cut together in September of last year.”

Q: So you haven’t seen the whole thing yet?

Demetrius Shipp Jr A: “Yeah, so you’ve seen something I haven’t seen!”

Kat Graham A: “Can you believe that? But I kinda like that you know what I’m sayin? It’s kinda mystic.”

Click here to watch Akisha's interview with All Eyez On Me Producer L.T. Hutton.

The film opens in theaters June 16th

Brand Chicago Recap

Written By: Akisha Lockhart

As an entrepreneur, the two things I never have enough of are time and money. Everything is an investment. Earlier today, my team and I attended Brand Chicago and it's already paying dividends. Brand Chicago is the brainchild of brand consultant Brittany Applegate.  
Brittany has worked with companies like Miller Lite, Coors Light, Nike Chicago and Chevrolet. She also helps young professionals and small budding businesses actualize their greatness through strategy and development. It comes as no shock to me that she was able to put together an all star roster of ten well versed speakers to provide us with the necessary tools, insight and strategies needed to start and grow a successful business. 
We would like to thank Brittany and everyone involved for doing such a wonderful job! Below are a few highlights from the workshop. For more information visit 
Connecting The Dots:
  • Think about who you were as a child, and who you are as an adult
  • Connect the dots
Your Gifts Are Meant To Give Away: 
  • We were created to give
  • Your gift marries your passion with your purpose
Building Your Brand: 
  • Your brand success does depend on what people think of you
  • "If you make a bomb steak and put it on a garbage lid no one is going to want it" - Guru 
It's Survival Of the Littest: 
  • Focus Focus Focus  
  • Collaboration is important 
The Only Outcome Is Income: 
  • You want to receive Pay Pal alerts in your sleep 
  • Happiness is the ultimate goal

Dupee Productions Presents: Level Next Music Mixer

Nicky and Akisha attended the Level Next Music mixer showcasing two of their artists, DJ Ajonra and Taylor Mallory. Each debuted some of their newest material in an intimate invite-only performance. DP Studios sits sky high above the heart of downtown Chicago. Guests in attendance were a combination of artists, other creatives and tastemakers. We enjoyed delicious eats and cocktails. And not only that, we got to know more about what Level Next Music is all about and what projects to look out for. We really hope they will continue the mixer on a regular basis because we found it very beneficial!

We'll share our insigt on how artists and entrepreneurs should market themselves this Wednesday Feb 22nd at Refuge Live.


Refuge is located at 416 S. Clark St. Admission is FREE! We'll kick things off at 8pm sharp until 9pm. Then stay and listen to dope artist grace The Stage during the open mic presented by DJ Manti.


Follow us on Twitter @TeamAINIOM for LIVE coverage! 

Awkward Black Girl Issa Rae Speaks at UIC

Written By: Nicky Horne

The Black McDonald’s Operators partnered with UIC to kick off Black History Month and ultimately inspire the students of UIC and fans of Issa! The woman who gave a face to every under-represented awkward black girl in America. We can't deny the very limited narratives available when it comes to black women in media. In 2011 Issa launched her YouTube series The Misadventures of Akward Black Girl. A fresh and relateable point of view from a black girl that didn't necessarily fit into more sterotypical molds. Her new series Insecure on HBO has been long overdue! For her fans, it's an extension of ABG with a way better budget! I am just so happy for Issa because her work affirms that we're normal AF.


Several years ago I was working at a bank call center and my supervisor at the time highly recommended I watch the ABG series. Mostly because I reminded him of "J" so much. I could have taken that as shade, but once I watched I was hooked. I mean, it was me. She was me. I had finally found my spirit animal!


Issa admitted she was under the weather but still showed up and was able to give the room energy and share her experiences. The interview was given by Windy City Live's Val Warner. She talked about reading her own criticism online adding, "You can extract what is feedback from hate..." We learned that Rachetpiece Theater might make a return! (a popular YouTube segment where she dissects the absurdity of popular rap songs). And ultimately, "If I want to get it done, it's really up to me". The audience had the opportunity to ask questions (or rather blurt them out). But you can tell everyone definitely was hanging on every word. She just as relatable, smart and awkwardly graceful as you could imagine.  I thank her for trading in sunny LA for winter-y Chicago. And she's welcomed to stop by and visit with AINIOM any time! @ her and let her know!

Timbuck2 Forever

Written By: Nicky Horne

Photos By: Akisha Lockhart

#Timbuck2Forever at The Metro didn't mark the mourning, but rather the celebration of the life of DJ Timbuck2. This gathering of family, friends and fans alike was to honor one of Hip Hop's sons, turn up and absorb the positive vibes. The lineup for the night included Chi's A-List DJs like Boi Jeanius, Jayilla, Holt, V-DUB, Jamal Smallz and Mike P just to name a few! Edward Jones was present on behalf of his son and the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation. Tim's mother Bernadette Jones sent a heartfelt video in her absence.


Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Jones for giving Chicago and the world such a precious gift. Even after his passing Tim's legacy is still giving back to our community by spreading awareness in preventive healthcare amongst men, especially men of color. We were fortunate enough to have an extensive conversation with Mr. Jones about Tim's passing and the lessons we all can learn and share with the ones we love about listening to our bodies and trusting our instincts when you feel something isn't right. We also touched on the stigma of men (and women) seeking medical care.


If you would like to learn more about the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation please visit for information on renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) and prevention. We will continue to spread this message and honor Timbuck2's life and legacy.



AT&T Presents Studio Live Featuring Cast Members from the Starz Original Series POWER. 

During this time Michigan Ave seems to never close due to the bustle of shoppers & tourists alike. But this past Saturday it was filled with fans of the hit TV show POWER. You even heard from one passerby as she passed the ever growing line outside the AT&T Michigan Ave Flagship "What's going on?" and a fan proclaimed "Tommy from Power is inside!" YES..... Tommy (Joseph Sikora), Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and Dre (Rotimi) touched down in the Chi this past Saturday for a special VIP meet and greet with their fans.


Doors opened at 8pm and by 8:30pm the AT&T store was filled with fans grooving to DJ Hot Sauce on the 1's & 2's, sipping chilled drinks and eating beautifully crafted appetizers. When the fans heard "They say this is a big rich town, I just come from the poorest part" they knew it was time for their favorite actors to hit the stage. And as each one stepped out, they humbly shaked hands and gave hugs to the luck fans in their reach. After settling in their seats, WGCI's Santillian asked the question we all want to know "Do yall get along in real life?" And as if they practiced "YES!" each answered, followed with laughter. A few more questions were asked and then Santillian put Naturi on the spot, can you sing something for us? And just as seamless as the question was asked she started her serenade of "A Merry Little Christmas". Then the beat dropped and Rotimi hit the stage to sing his hit "Lotto" and the crowd grooved right along and right into Stevie Wonder's version of Happy Birthday for the Chicagoian. 


Now it was time for the fans to take their pictures with the cast and just as fast as they entered the store, they filed in a single filed line in a quarter of that time. And for about an hour the cast we love to watch every week, humbly smiled, hugged and posed for pictures with each and every fan. 


Click here to watch Chiquita's interviews with all the cast members that attended!

Nordstrom x Nike Chicago Launch Event

About Last Night ...


The Nordstrom x Nike sneaker boutique is a collaboration between Nike and Olivia Kim, Vice President of Creative Projects at Nordstrom. The women’s only lifestyle shop will offer limited-edition product introduced each month, curated collections of activewear, sneakers, accessories, tech and more.


Special guests last night included: two-time WNBA All-Star Skylar Diggins, Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, Olivia Kim and YouTube personality Andrea Russett.


For more information click visit


See video & photo gal below.


Click here to see Akisha Lockhart having fun with a few of the ladies on her Instagram/Snapchat page.

Photo Credit: Nike

Video Credit: Team AINIOM

Red Carpet Coverage w/ Taraji P. Henson For Hidden Figures

Akisha Lockhart was invited to an exclusive presentation of 20th Century Fox's highly anticipated film HIDDEN FIGURES at the Chicago Film Festival, followed by a panel discussion with Golden Globe winning actress Taraji P. Henson. Check out a few highlights from the red carpet & discussion! 

Synopsis: HIDDEN FIGURES is the incredible untold story of Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae)—brilliant African-American women working at NASA, who served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit, a stunning achievement that restored the nation’s confidence, turned around the Space Race, and galvanized the world.  The visionary trio crossed all gender and race lines to inspire generations to dream big.

AAHH! Fest 2016: We would like to thank Donda's House and Common Ground Foundation for allowing us to come back and cover this epic weekend in Chicago!

And you say Chi City!


With all the hate, negativity and sadness plaguing Chicago, we needed something. Donda's House and Common Ground Foundation blessed us with that special something, AAHH! Fest 2016, September 24th & 25th in Union Park. Both foundations provided festival goers with performances by the BEST up coming and celebrity artists.


Even if you weren't familiar with someone the love, fellowship and good energy filled that void. I don't want to take anything away from the artists that performed, but when I look back on this year's AAHH! Fest the thing I will remember most is the love I felt in "The City of Wind." Please enjoy our photo galleries and if you're not familiar with these two incredible foundations do your homework.

AAHH! Fest: Saturday Photo Gallery (Day 1)

Photo Credit: Nicky Horne

AAHH! Fest: Sunday Photo Gallery (Day 2)

Photo Credit: Nicky Horne & Akisha Lockhart

The Highlights: AAHH! Fest Finalist Auditions Photo Recap

We would like to give a special thanks to Donda's House for inviting our very own Akisha Lockhart to serve as a judge during their AAHH! Fest Finalist Auditions!

Photo Credit: Tito Garcia

The Review: Cocktails with Claire & MissDiddyLA

By: Chiquita Carey

Photo Credit: Akisha Lockhart

July 30, 2016


As a loyal fan and follower of Claire Sulmers Editor-In-Chief of Fashion Bomb Daily, I was no stranger to her uber fabulous Cocktails With Claire Sip.Shop.See event. And of course The Brand Group LA CEO Miss Diddy LA had sign her name to it, I was there. But to my dismay it was happening in NYC… (pause for a dramatic fall to the knees) noooooo I was saddened right down to my metallic loafers. So you can imagine my delight when I learned that the tour’s next stop was Chicago; my team and I were there and boy was it everything we imagined and more.


Food For Thought at 19 East 21st set the scene for a stylish afternoon. The black and white décor, high ceilings and frosted glass doors were the perfect backdrop as the who’s who on the Chicago fashion scene stepped in one equally as stylish as the next. Guests sipped on Hennessy cocktails, shopped from local boutiques & saw fashion and style in every direction. Then a soft excited voice came over the mic and the chatter that filled the air ceased as our favorite and #43 most influential Style Blogger in the world welcomed us. Hey Claire!


Dressed in a monochromatic baby pink top, pants, fedora and a smile that lit up the room she introduced the panelist; Ashunta Sheriff - Celebrity MUA, Kendra G - Chicago’s 107.5 Radio Host and Bobby Simmons - Owner of DUX-Luxury Boutique. As the panelist settled, audience members scrambled to their seats to find out… how to Break into Fashion.


Panelist gave advice on the process of becoming successful in your own right, “have something to offer” - Miss Diddy LA and “be fearless” – Ashunta Sheriff. Confidence is key Bobby Simmons proclaimed, know your worth. Claire then asked “What advice would they give themselves 10 years ago?” Kendra G took the lead and shouted “know that everybody is important, from the CEO to the janitor”. The crowd clapped and nodded profusely in agreement as we internalized the knowledge given to us. And then Claire summed it all up and gave all us inspiring bloggers, designers and owners that always needed reassurance “Just go for it!” 


After the panelist took audience questions and posed for pictures; each one browsed and shopped at each vendor, talked one on one with their fans and even gave live make-up demonstrations. Saturday afternoon was filled with style, advice, networking and like-minded individuals all Breaking into Fashion. Make sure you follow Fashion Bomb Daily and The Brand Group LA to catch this tour in a city near you, you want to be there!

TIP Fest 2016 Was A Hit!

By Nicky Horne

Photo Credit:  Akisha Lockhart

July 9, 2016

TIP Fest is a much needed break for the youth of Chicago. A great opportunity to get together, share their creativity through performance and give them the floor to hear their voices. The artists had high energy and the crowd was just as amped. Some of our fave Donda's House alums like Matt Muse and John The Author killed it. They had dance groups Premo KTM and Najwa Junior Corps. All you could hear around you was all the support the performers had from their peers. Singing along word for word and calling out their names. WGCI radio personality Kyle Santillian made an appearance and introduced The Boy Illinois on stage. One very lucky young man won a pair of Yeezy tickets in a raffle! We also took a moment of silence for all the black lives that have been ripped from us so unjustly. But the festival was mostly a celebration and an outlet for our youth to express themselves. Everything was postitive. And just when you thought it was over, Katie Got Bandz shows up and of course we had to POP OUT! Check out our video and photo gallery below to relive TIP Fest or see what you missed!

The Review: Chrisette Michele's Private Listening Party in Chicago

By Akisha Lockhart

Photo Credit:Tito Garcia @gotit_lens

The place to be Thursday evening was a night club on Chicago’s west side called Society. The intimate venue was the perfect choice for Grammy Award winning recording artist Chrisette Michele’s private listening party for her upcoming album Milestone. The recently engaged  songstress’ fiancé played snippets of the album while she signed autographs and took pictures with fans. It may be terrible to say, but I was so locked into Chrisette that I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was listening too. I was very shocked and impressed by her graciousness to the media and fans alike. At one point, she told everyone to come up to VIP with her. Who does that! Chrisette is on double duty while she’s in the Windy City. Along with the promotion of her NEW album she's spreading her acting wings in Je’Caryous Johnson’s NEW play “Married But Single.” Chicago wasn’t the first city she hit and won’t be the last. We wish her nothing but the best in her career and travels.  Anita Bennett  is the woman behind what was a smooth and positive celebration of one of our favorite R&B Divas.

The Review: Lil Wayne And Nas Headline The First Ever HIT Music Festival At The Sun Dome on USF Campus

By Nicky Horne

Chicago based Synergy Jaz Records and Southern based Vybe Nation teamed up to present their first hip hop music festival to the South. When we arrived to the Sun Dome festival goers were just trickling in. Opening acts came from all over the country to perform. We even ran into a few Chicago artists, such as Jo Rodeo, all the way in Tampa.  There was definitely a high anticipation for the headlining artists, but the opening acts did not disappoint either. Yo Gotti performed sevral fan favorites and Waka Flocka got the crowd turnt with his high energy. Might we add that Waka also gave us an exclusive interview and was just as nice as can be. Fabolous and August Alsina were just a few of the artists that were advertised but did not perform. We are not clear why that didn't go down. It was certainly a disappoinment to the fans who came out to support, but in my opinion, was made up when Nas and Lil Wayne graced the stage. Nas took stage and gave us his classics and that's when you were able to distinguish the true hip hop fans from the (as Joe Budden would say) "casual" hip hop fans. It definitely was a magical moment for us when he performed All I Need Is One Mic! Right after Nas' performance, Lil Wayne came out and gave a great performance. He just gave us one hit after another. Even when he only gave us verses from his features, we were still excited. I still don't know what the "F" stands for and I'm not sure I ever will, but I defintely know I would love to see both Nas and Wayne perform live again. We had a great view the entire time and were granted backstage access. We are so grateful that we were invited out to do media coverage for this event. Please check out Akisha Lockhart's interview with Waka Flocka on our She's Gotta Show page.

The Preview: History In Tampa Music Festival @ USF Sun Dome

By Nicky Horne

Chicago based Synergy Jazz Entertaiment  and Southern based Vybe Nation team up to present their first hip hop music festival to the South. Lil Wayne, Nas and Fabolous will headline the event along with August Alsina, Waka Flocka, DJ Khaled, Yo Gotti, ILoveMakonnen, Tink, Troy Ave and more! I can tell you that being from Central Florida that this is a BIG deal! History In Tampa, aka HIT, Music Festival will take place in Tampa, FL at the USF Sun Dome Saturday, Nov 7th! Team AINIOM will be there to cover the event. If you're in Tampa or are travelling down to see this event we'd love to see you and don't forget to follow and tag us in your pics on Instagram @Team_AINIOM and Twitter @TeamAINIOM. You can purchase your event tickets HERE >> History In Tampa Music Festival @ USF Sun Dome

 "In My Father's House" Official Trailer & Review #InMyFathersHouse #AINIOM

Photo Credit Juan Anthony

By Akisha Lockhart

I am thankful and grateful to the Smith family for allowing my team and I to cover the advance movie screening of Che 'Rhymefest' Smith’s documentary In My Father’s House. The screening was held at the Music Box Theatre a premiere venue in Chicago for independent and foreign films. The invite only event started off with red carpet photos and interviews. In attendance were various media outlets,  a few Chicago movers & shakers, television personality Judge Mathis and Oscar & Golden Globe winner Common. Filmmakers Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern graced the carpet and joined a panel discussion following the film. The stars of the film Rhymefest, Donnie Smith and Brian Tillman were also in the building greeting and meeting attendees. Laughter, clapping and sighing could be heard at any giving moment throughout the viewing of the heartwrenching film. I don’t want to give any of the movie away so I’ll stop there, but what I will say, is that this is a MUST see film. This documentary goes beyond gender, race, social status, and family structure. Rhymefest, Donnie and Brian allow you to see them at their most venerable and what would seem embarrassing moments in their journey to not only getting to know each other but themselves. This film hits theaters Friday October 9th. Go see it and tweet us @TeamAINIOM your thoughts, ticket stubs, movie posters etc. Join us in supporting this wonderful film!

#BePowerful + #ShesGottaShow = EPIC

Photo Credit: Juan Anthony

Refuge Sunday Mix V1 by Dj Manticarlo on Mixcloud

"We hope we inspire artists to say what you feel not what you think you should say." - Ice Cube on Fuck The Police

By Akisha Lockhart

Do yourself a favor and go see Straight Outta Compton when it hits theaters August 14th. We were able to see the first advance screening of the film which took place in Chicago Monday July 20th. Following that movie F. Gary Gray , Ice Cube, O'Shea Jackson Jr. and Jason Mitchell sat down with Adrienne Gibbs to discuss the film. Check it out below!

F. Gary Gary & Akisha Lockhart
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