The Mission is meant to showcase talent from all walks of life. The site is a place where artists can shine and express themselves through whatever they feel they were born to do. That includes celebrities, up and coming musicians, athletes, stylists, makeup artists, comedians… You name it! View a piece of their passion as well as ours via blogs, interviews, discussion panels, freestyles, photos and so much more!

Our Team

Akisha Lockhart

Creator/Talk Show Host

"Hi, my name is Akisha Lockhart and with the grace of GOD I have created to help give people an outlet to showcase their passion. I started AINIOM May 2010 to show people that no matter how impossible it may seem to achieve your dream if you believe in GOD, anything is possible. I hope you enjoy the site and please come back and visit and next time bring a friend!"   

  -♥ Akisha Lockhartl

Nicky Horne

Makeup Artist/Beauty Blogger

Nicky is a Chicago based Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger and Lead MUA for She's Gotta Show! On Makeup x Trap x Sushi she gives us her take on what’s trending in the beauty industry, tips, tricks and product reviews. She'll also take you behind the scenes on projects, event coverage and show you all a glimpse of her life as a MUA.
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Chiquita Carey

Wardrobe Stylist/Style Blogger

“Hello everyone my name is Chiquita Carey, a fashionista who finds sanctuary in being fashionable daily. I find that many people dread the act of getting dressed, either because they don't know what to wear, don't have anything to wear, or simply just don't care. I've heard several reasons on why people just throw on clothes, from 'I'm too busy' or 'dressing cute costs too much.' I love getting dressed and I am here to help you love it as well. Dressing should be a fun experience for all…besides if you are to leave the house, then you must get dressed and why not in fabulous clothes!" - Chiquita 

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