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#ISSABIRTHDAY..... in Puerto Rico


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14 Day Makeup Challenge 

That's right, I am putting myself on a 14 day makeup challenge starting May 1st. Of course, I want to look my best at all times and in order to acheive an amazing beat per my makeup artist Nicky Horne, I must practice. Follow my progress on SnapChat and click Makeup.Trap.Sushi to see how close I can come to Nicky status, LOL.  


#ChrisetteMichelle #BeatGoals

Week 3 Update 

Hard work pays off....


Thanks to two weeks of meal prep and working out 3 days a week, I am down 3 pounds and my blood pressure is lower than 130/90 everyday since 4/9. I am starting to see more muscle defination and I feel better! Also, I have learned to think of food as fuel and understand what bad vs. good food does to my body. Now, I don't wan't to make it seem like its super easy, because it is not. It is hard to avoid the greasy, cheesy and fried foods, so I am glad we get 1 cheat meal per week. But once you start eating healthy your cravings and want for those types of food decrease and I can only eat a few bites of the cheat meal.


During my work week it is very easy to stay on track due to my consistent work schedule, but the weekends get a little crazy. So to make sure I stay track I use the above slides to help me eat the correct portions on the run.


Stay tuned as I keep you updated thru the weeks, LET'S WERK! 

Let's WERK! 

As you guys know, I LOVE my curves! And when you love something about yourself it makes it harder to see the changes that are needed. Two weeks ago I was diagnosis with high blood pressure and was prescribed medicine. To say the least I was shocked, me 34 years old having to take a pill for the rest of my life????? NO!....I decided I needed to change. I spoke with my coach at The Dome and she helped me learn that meal prepping is the best fitness journey for me (with regular exercise of course). Meal prepping will allow me to eat exactly what my body needs, nothing more nothing less. This will of course cut down my sodium intake, because I am eating in portions and cooking everything myself. 


My new lifestyle starts today (4/9/2017),


BP 160/110

Weight 198

Size 14


and while I do not have a weight or size goal, I do have a goal of never having my resting BP over 130/90. Keep me motivated, keep me accountable and make sure to follow my journey here.

How To Edit Your Closet Like A Pro

1. Pull out all of your clothes and make sure you can see everything you own. Now, because this takes most of your time turn on your favorite playlist and it will be a breeze.

2. Separate your clothes into 3 piles


Pile A. These pieces fit, are in good condition and most importantly help define your style.


Pile B.  This pile consist of items that don't fit but are in condition. Donate these items.


Pile C. Trash...pieces that don't fit, out of style & worn. 

3. Make a list of the wardrobe pieces you need and SHOP (or hire me ((wink))  )!



4. Organize how you see fit. I prefer....


a. Bottoms, divided by skirts and pants

b. Tops, short sleeve to long

c. Dresses

d. Blazers




Did you know plus size models including Ashley Graham & Marquita Pring walked the #NYFW runways 27 times? WE ARE PLUS, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL and YOU WILL APPRECIATE US! 

Winter Who? 

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2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet Best Dressed goes to..... Ruth Negga in custom Louis Vuitton. 

I have no resolutions, but I do have a plan. I spent this holiday weekend crossing off what I accomplished in 2016 and what I need to do in 2017. And while I completed only 50% of what I set out to do in 2016, I did 100% more than I did in 2015. So the 2017 plan is this...

1. Keep Praying

2. Do Better

3. Hustle Smarter



Winter Lookbook Sneak Peek

Be the first to see the Winter lookbook on 12/21, subscribe here.

Who are you wearing?

Dress - Badgley Mischka

Accessories - Akira

Winter Look Book Preview

Avoid the long lines and click on the picture below to start your #BlackFriday shopping NOW!


Akira - Trendy Clothes and Shoes (25% when you mentioned AINIOM 1910 W. North Ave)


Eloquii - For all my curvy ladies  


Love Verse - Handmade accessories #SHOPSMALL


Soma - Your foundation is just as important as your clothes.


Coach - Women and Men accessories

So with the must have rule "it must be black", I headed over to my favorite online store Asos and was able to style Nicky for less than $100. 


P.S. My grey skirt set was $10. 

Tokyo Dress - Asos sold out, get similar look here

Clear Booties - Akira


Grey Skirt Set - Akira sold out, get the original here 

Green Sock booties - Akira

Bomber Jacket - Hot Topic

Nicky Taught Me! Click here for ticket info 

Check out how much I've grown since 2011 & I can't wait to see how much more I grow. 

Best moments from the (PRO)jectUS #StyleBias Fashion Show. 

Click on the pictures below to get my Fall look book purchasing info. 


BTS of my Fall 2016 lookbook dropping this Thursday 9/22. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be the first to see what to wear this Fall. 

Summer to Fall

Add a white button down under Summer's hottest dress..the slip dress. Layer it with a leather moto jacket and oxfords.

Want to wear your favorite sandals? Roll up your boyfriend jeans, grab a tee and layer on a camo jacket.

Rock your favorite mini skirt...pair it with a cable knit sweater, tights and booties. 

What We Wore!

Styled By Me


Look One: Red Cutaway Illusion Gown - Theia

                  Nude Two Strap Heel - Express


Look Two: Polka Dot Two Piece Short Set - True Blessyn

                 Red Two Strap Heel - Express

                 Mirrored Sunnies - Diff Eyewear




Look One: Classic Blue Silvia Solid Jumpsuit - Karina Grimaldi

                  Multi Colored Sandals - A'Gaci

                  Accessories - Forever 21


Look Two: Orange Off the Shoulder Dress - True Blessyn

                 Umbrella - Stylist Own 




Look One: Pale Blue Pephem Bandeau Midi Dress - Asos

                  Silver Sandals - Akira

                  Accessories - Forever 21


Look Two: Lilac Caped Dress - True Blessyn

                 Floral Two Strap Heel - Express


#AINIOM #WERK #DressCode #TruVanity #Style #Fashion #InStyleITrust  

AINIOM|Dress Code: She's Gotta Show Style 


Raina Stripe Sheath - 1 BY O2ND

Black Double Strap Sandals - Express



#AINIOM #DressCode #TruVanity #Style #Fashion #InStyleITrust

AINIOM|Dress Code: She's Gotta Show Style 


Red Pebble Crepe Jumpsuit - Tory Burch

Nude Double Strap Sandals - Express

Gold Watch - Michael Kors

Gold Crown Earrings - Royal Lux Apparel


#AINIOM #DressCode #TruVanity #Style #Fashion #InStyleITrust

AINIOM|Dress Code: She's Gotta Show Style 


Black Contrast Collar Ponte Dress - Jason Wu

Black Cedar Street Maise Handbag - Kate Spade

Black Oxfords - Zara

Gold Crown Earrings - Royal Lux Apparel


#AINIOM #DressCode #TruVanity #Style #Fashion #InStyleITrust

AINIOM|Dress Code: Get Donnie's look below!


#EREDCarpet #GRAMMYs #Rhymefest #AINIOM #DressCode #InStyleITrust

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