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AINIOM|Trending: VOICE IT! What social issues do you want to discuss? Tweet us @TeamAINIOM and let us know. #VoiceIt #AINIOM

AINIOM|Events: Veni, Vidi, Vici! Click the box below to check out highlights from Super Promoter DoNski's 10 Year Anniversay Party Sunday night. #WERK #AINIOM

Photo Credit: Juan Anthony

AINIOM|She's Gotta Show: Hope you're ready for Season 3! It starts September 7th right here. #ShesGottaShow #AINIOM

AINIOM|Beauty Edition: Winged Liner Tips From Nicky

Let's be honest, there's no fool proof way to creating winged eyeliner! Practice (and a lot of patience) makes perfect! Nicky shares some of her tips on her blog, Beauty Edition.


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AINIOM|Events: If you missed The Culture of Curves Fashion Show in May, this is your last chance to see a sneak peek of the show. Click more for full coverage of the day party with a "view".  #CurveCulture #RedKiva #RemyV #AINIOM #InStyleITrust


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AINIOM|Dress Code: Enter allineedisonxoxo at www.rocksbox.com for unlimited jewelry.  #AINIOM #DressCode #Rocksbox #Accessories 

AINIOM|Sports: President and CEO of the Darren Group, Darren Hammond, talks to AINIOM about his goal with the Back to School Youth Basketball Camp! #Chicago #basketball #doitforthekids #sports #AINIOM

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Darren Hammond and I talk basketball
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